Musings: Everything Else

For what didn't fit neatly into the other categories ...

6/15/11: Role-Playing: Audience Member (on why I go to the theater)
5/16/11: Role-Playing: Playwright for Hire (on my accidental journey into playwriting)
4/26/11: Role-Playing: Salesman and Product (on successful networking and marketing)
4/13/11: Role-Playing: Receptionist (on my day job)

4/02/20: For Adam Schlesinger (one of our writers lost to coronavirus)

12/09/19: An Independent Scholar (or, what else did I do this year?) (a brief summary of my academic writing for 2019)

5/15/18: Going Postal: I've gone legit (on publishing my first article on musical theater)

10/10/13: Don't Mess With Me, Delta (an open letter on some BS customer service)
7/25/13: Unsolicited (on street harassment)
3/26/13: Another Goodbye (on saying goodbye to my Grandma and Grandpa)

8/24/12: Okay, Kiddo (on saying goodbye to my Saba)
3/22/12: Perfect Memories: Pachebel in London (on a walk in Covent Garden)
3/19/12: Stories I really should have realized weren't true (on being a gullible kid)
2/08/12: An Actor's Rejection: I'm Okay and You're Okay (on not getting the part and not taking it personally)
1/11/12: What Did I Do With My December? (on setting up my website)

10/12/11: Sometimes writing is overrated (on awkward turtles)
9/02/11: Gentle Musings on the Demonic Presence in My Apartment (on our terrible plumbing)
8/22/11: Forever Young (on how quickly or slowly we mature)
8/18/11: The Speech My High School Will Never Ask Me To Give (on thinking I know it all at age 26)
8/15/11: Home: Hat-hanging and Picture-hanging (on nesting)
7/18/11: I stepped where Herod stepped (on feeling the history in cities in Israel and the States)
7/13/11: Israeli Pride (on patriotism and pride)
7/07/11: Next week in Jerusalem (on past and upcoming trips to Israel)
6/27/11: Spinning Forward (on the legalization of gay marriage)
6/21/11: Who needs a manual? (on self-publication and taking the initiative)
5/25/11: The Ring Cycle: An Opera in Four Parts (on losing and finding my high school class ring)
5/18/11: Getting Territorial, or There's a Mouse in My House! (on home invasions)
5/06/11: Here I am in Arcadia (on Arcadia, wanting to know, and knowing too much)
5/05/11: Love and Alcohol (sort of) (on falling in love and being single)
5/03/11: Reacting to the reaction to the reaction (on the reaction to the execution of Osama bin Laden)
4/23/11: Fan Shorthand (on fan shorthand)
4/18/11: Planes Trains and Autobuses (on travel)
4/15/11: Temporary Tattoos (on list-making)
4/06/11: Climb Too High (on my brother)
3/31/11: When the Melancholy comes (on death and grief)

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