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5/15/18: Going Postal: I've gone legit  (on publishing my first article on musical theater)
4/09/18: Twenty Years a Theater Junkie  (on my first Broadway show, and how it changed my life)
3/22/18: My Fair Lady Doesn't Hate Women. Henry Higgins Hates Women. (on whether or not MFL is a misogynistic story, and also I hate Carousel ... and also a review of MFL)
6/07/16: A Sung-Through ... Book? (in defense of Hamilton, as if Hamilton needs my defense) (on what the book of a musical actually is, even with no spoken dialog)
5/13/16: Regarding Eugene O'Neill and the Scarcity of Time (on how done I am with seeing O'Neill plays - and a little one-act adaptation of his work)
5/28/13: We Need to Talk About Annie (on Little Orphan Annie's sociopathic tendencies)
2/08/12: An Actor's Rejection: I'm Okay and You're Okay (on not getting the part and not taking it personally)
9/19/11: Jukebox Musicals: The Return to Old-School Broadway? (on Tin Pan Alley, Showtunes, and Pop Music onstage)
6/15/11: Role-Playing: Audience Member (on why I go to the theater)
5/16/11: Role-Playing: Playwright for Hire (on my accidental journey into playwriting)
5/06/11: Here I am in Arcadia (on Arcadia, wanting to know, and knowing too much)
4/26/11: Role-Playing: Salesman and Product (on successful networking and marketing)
4/20/11: My Hamlet can beat up your Hamlet (on The Shakespeare Forum)
4/11/11: Contract Audience (on the relationship between performer and audience)

My Digital Couch (interviews)
9/09/16: A Conversation with Playwright James Parenti

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