Monday, May 18, 2020

Weekly Margin 2020, W20: I finally went back to my spreadsheet

January 1-March 11 of 2020 I have logged twenty-four live theatrical experiences viewed. March 30-today I have an additional fifty-two streamed performances to add to that log: a mixture of archived filmed productions and televised performances, zoom readings of plays, remote concerts, and monologue plays. Some of the streaming content I'd seen before, either in person or at a previous broadcast; some of it's been brand new. None of it is the same as live theater. But, wow, if we had any doubt about my status as a theater junkie, I think that's been asked and answered.

Not much else to say. Nick Cordero is awake, a miracle. Watchlist and other theater developments below the cut:

Streaming Theater-Related Content I Watched

Theater Developments

  • The Outer Critics Circle honorees were announced (honoring five in each category, rather than the traditional award this season)
  • The Broadway shutdown has been extended through September 6th.
  • Nick Cordero is awake.
  • The Broadway revival of Plaza Suite is officially postponed to 2021.
  • Broadway's production of Frozen will not reopen when theater returns.

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