12/09/19: An Independent Scholar (or, what else did I do this year?) (a brief summary of my academic writing for 2019)
5/15/18: Going Postal: I've gone legit (on publishing my first article on musical theater)
11/28/12: So I wrote a book ... (on my book launch on kindle)
10/08/12: Here and Now (on my book, the internet, and the interconnected network of the arts)
10/12/11: Sometimes writing is overrated (on awkward turtles)
9/07/11: The Self-Editor's Lament (on killing your darlings)
6/21/11: Who needs a manual? (on self-publication and taking the initiative)

5/13/16: Regarding Eugene O'Neill and the Scarcity of Time (on how done I am with seeing O'Neill plays - and a little one-act adaptation of his work)
5/16/11: Role-Playing: Playwright for Hire (on my accidental journey into playwriting)

5/21/20: Heart to Heart (a quarantine poem)
9/20/16: Someone please explain to me what this is (eaten by jello)
1/12/12: The Worst Poem I Ever Wrote (Pumpkin Patch)
10/28/11: Quoth the Puppets (on Puppettreehouse and my Raven ripoff)
8/30/11: Sometimes You Just Gotta Rhyme (a collection of three-line poems about my friends)
6/08/11: This is how I cope with bad (Gordy's House)
4/04/11: Did you know it's National Poetry Month? (7 AM Love)

Inspector Zelda (a short stupid series)
11/15/11: Inspector Zelda All Knotted Up
11/10/11: Inspector Zelda's Loose Ends Become Looser
11/09/11: Inspector Zelda at Loose Ends
6/13/11: The Case of the Pen Bandit, part four: Conclusive Conclusions
6/07/11: The Case of the Pen Bandit, part three: Ambushed
5/31/11: The Case of the Pen Bandit, part two: Narrowing Down the Suspects
5/23/11: The Case of the Pen Bandit, part one: The First Strike

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