Friday, July 1, 2011

The Spoiler-Free User-Friendly Guide to Enjoying Sleep No More

friendJudy, who attended Sleep No More last night with me, suggested I try my hand at a post on this show that's not dripping with spoilers, and that could actually be a useful tool for any first-timers attending, so ...

Tips and Tools to Having the Best Time Ever at Sleep No More!

Pre-show Preparation
  • Wardrobe
    • Wear good running shoes. No, seriously. You. Will. Need. Them. 
    • Also, I know that cocktail dress looks supercute, but wear it when you go see Book of Mormon. With this show, you will be running around chasing people up stairs (if you're lucky), and comfort is key. Also, while some sections are well-air-conditioned, others ... aren't.
    • If you have glasses and contact lenses both, go with the lenses - you'll be wearing a mask and it's really not comfortable over glasses.
    • Also, if you have a watch with a glowlight ... it might be helpfulish.
  • Dietary Whatsits
    • Hydrate well, but not too well - having to take a bathroom break could mean missing out on something fun!
    • Eat something protein-y to give you good energy to go chasing people upstairs.
  • Medical Whatsits
    • If you are prone to asthma attacks, you should probably pack an inhaler. Several rooms and areas are fairly dust-heavy.
  • Financial Planning
    • Bring three dollars cash if you intend to check a bag/coat (required - it'll just get in the way during the show) or coat.
    • Bring more money if you'd like some liquor.
  • School Yourself
    • Read Macbeth, or at the very least a very good plot summary.
    • It also helps if you're up on your Hitchcock references, particularly Rebecca.

Buying a ticket
  • There are several entrance times a night, as they stagger when people can enter. The earlier the better.
  • The show usually posts blocks of tickets for sale about a month in advance, and sells out quickly. It might extend again, it might not. To order tickets, click on the link at the top of this post.
  • I would also just like to point out that this show has had little to no advertising, and is relying entirely on word of mouth and repeat attenders. And it is STILL selling out. If that isn't badass, I think we might need to redefine the word.
  • Gallow Green: this is a newly-opened rooftop bar. It's still officially "in previews," so details on it are changing, but right now you can go before or after the performance (except on late nights). It's a lovely atmosphere, and you still get to enter the space the "classic" way.
    • Note on this: they are currently working on creating a special entrance from Gallow Green to the McKittrick, but it's not up yet.

Getting There
  • The address is 530 West 27th Street, between 10th and 11th Avenues.
  • If you're trying to take a cab (which I did last night), um ... it's a wee bit difficult as there is no real thru-street at 27th between 10th and 9th Avenues. I got out at 9th and 26th and walked the rest.
  • I vote taking the C or E train to either 23rd Street or 34th Street and then walking it (but that's okay, because you wore good running shoes, right?).
  • Let's say you have a 7:00 ticket time (the earliest you can get in) - I'd recommend getting in line 6:30 or earlier. Again, you want to maximize your time in the space.
    • Last night we had a 7:15 ticket time, and because we (well, they) lined up early enough, we were able to enter the experience right on time and thus got nearly three hours, and plenty of exploration time. When I had a 7:30 ticket time, I got in the front door on time, but my actual entrance to the experience was closer to 7:45.

Okay, but what the hell is Sleep No More?
  • The basics: This is an immersive experience and very choose-your-own-adventure-y. It's a loose adaptation of Macbeth, with very strong aesthetic influences from Hitchcock (the backing score is lifted from Hermann film scores). As the performance is mostly dance-based (but it's site-specific, athletic violent dancing - no tutus here), it's more an emotional adaptation than a literal re-enactment of the play.
  • Also, it's AMAZING and Not To Be Missed.
  • It's a warehouse (or three warehouses; I hear different reports) that has been transformed into the McKittrick Hotel. There are five and a half floors to explore at your own pace and choice.
    • These floors include a hospital, a hotel lobby, a nightclub, a forest containing a witch's hut, Duncan's quarters, Macbeth's bedroom, Macduff's suite, a cemetery, a forest, a ballroom, a speakeasy, an interrogation room, numerous little chapels/altars, and a street full of shops. And many more hidden room and nooks.
  • The performers are the ones not wearing masks (did I mention you'll be wearing a mask the whole night?). Some of them are characters from Macbeth, some are characters from Rebecca, and some appear to be more blue-collary - shopkeepers or nurses, bartenders or bellhops.
    • If you find a performer(s) it is probably a grand idea to follow them, as they will lead you to awesome scenes and interactions.
  • A full cycle lasts one hour and ends at the banquet scene - this is a way to help you gauge how much time you have left. There are three full cycles for each performance. This is also why you want to get there as early as possible, to see as many cycles as you can, and thus catch scenes that were happening simultaneously to the scenes you watched in the last cycle, or to follow a character you didn't even know existed an hour ago.

Things You Should Keep In Mind
  • You will get lost. You will be disoriented. That's okay. Each stairwell has the floors clearly marked, and Black Masks can help you if you have a panic attack or anything.
  • If you go with friends, you might be separated. That's probably a good thing, because at the end of the night you can compare experiences and brag about the stuff you saw that no one else did.
  • There is no way you can see everything. That's okay too. There are 100 rooms and many many scenes happening simultaneously.
  • As you wander, feel free to investigate everything. Behind that curtain might be another room. In that desk might be a letter from Lady Macbeth to Duncan. That trunk might be filled with dirt. There is stuff EVERYWHERE.
  • If you're following a character out of a room, particularly Macbeth or Malcolm/Detective, they run very very fast up and down multiple flights of stairs. It's worth it, but it's hard, especially if there's a crowd (aren't you glad you wore good running shoes?). If you do lose track of them, I bet you can find someone else on this floor you ended up on.
  • If a character beckons to you (or offers you a drink) remember your improv training and say yes (except not literally, as there is no speaking within the space). The more you are open to things, the richer your experience will be. Also it's real liquor.
  • If you need to use the restroom, there is a hallway of restrooms on the 5th floor. There are also restrooms in the Manderley Bar (where you initially enter before the show).
  • I know, you saw the banquet scene already. But trust me, stay to see the last banquet scene at 10:00 (or at 2:00, if you're doing the late show). It's different.

Okay, give me SOME hints. Are there rooms I should look out for? Anything else I should know?
  • If you find a large bedroom with windowed walls and padded walls and a bathtub on a raised platform in the center, some really cool things happen in this room.
  • A surprisingly large number of kickass things happen on the Hotel Lobby floor - however if you're looking for a Macbethian experience, they're mostly on different floors.
  • Many cool events happen in the ballroom/banquet hall/forest. But if you're following a character, they will probably lead you there, so it's not as necessary to hunt that down on your own.
  • The hospital floor looks pretty empty of people. But the more you hunt, the luckier you might be.
  • You never know whom you'll run into on the street shop floor or in the pool hall/speakeasy. Except that the answer is just about everyone, at some point in time.
  • The witches aren't always who you think they are.
  • It's hard for first-timers to get the flow of how to follow someone, but if you're up close (without being too up close) as a character wanders, you might be treated to an individual one-on-one with one of the characters. You might get taken to a locked room no one else can access, get a souvenir or be sent on a mission.

This is all I can think of at this time, but I'm sure there are additional helpful things to know, so I'm opening the floor. Have more tips? Please comment below and I will add it to the post retroactively.

Also, for them what want spoilers galore, I will include in the comments section here spoilers galore on my third time attending Sleep No More, including a catalogue of what's on each floor. Also for more spoilers, see my earlier post and its comment section.


  1. Here's what's on each floor:

    5 - Hospital Ward, including doctor's offices, a padded room, a room full of beds, a room full of bathtubs (yes these get used), and a surgery observation room. The forest, which includes the witch's hut, is also on this floor.

    4 - Street of shops, the speakeasy/pool hall, Hecate's duplicate of the Manderly bar (location of the witch's rave)

    3 - Macbeth's bedroom, Macduff's suite, crumbled courtyard, cemetery

    2 - Hotel lobby, Manderly Bar (covered in sheets), bank of phone booths

    1 - Duncan's quarters, several small chapels, balcony overlooking the forest/ballroom

    Lower Level - forest/ballroom/balcony

    Also, on the same floor as the hospital ward is the maze of branches, and the nurse in the hut.

  2. Okay, so here's the goods on what I saw last night.

    I again worked very hard to avoid any repeated scenes, and if I did come upon one, I tried to follow a different character out of it. My one major recurrance was the damn Witch Rave again, but I now know the warning signs, so if I go back I know how to avoid getting sucked into that again.

    I attempted to follow Malcolm/the Detective after the first banquet and succeeded up to a point, but he ran very quickly and I lost him after a while. I've been told he interacts with nearly every character, and I'd seen some of those interactions in past attendance (he shaved Duncan, he was one of the ones to discover Duncan's corpse), but when I was with him he was alone.

    I saw a young girl in the hotel lobby with a suitcase, whom I have inferred is the second Mrs. Dewinters (character from Rebecca). The bellhop poured her tea but she tried to stop him from adding milk. When he tried to help with her suitcase, it opened and a pile of money fell out. She grabbed the suitcase in a panic and ran up to the shop level. There she unlocked a door and beckoned me in.

    YES INDEED I GOT A SECOND ONE ON ONE. Within the locked room, she spoke to me the opening monologue from Rebecca, led me to a wardrobe, removed my mask, and placed a locket around my neck. She then whispered the end of the speech in my ear, replaced the mask, and locked me in the wardrobe. It had a false back which led eventually to an exit that was locked behind me once I went through. I don't know if this is the "Narnia" door I'd heard about (though it makes sense), since I thought I had heard that it leads to a whole unknown suite of rooms, and this did not.

    But yeah. That just made my night.

  3. Continuing on, I left the wardrobe and went to the Speakeasy, where a bartender was pouring shots and offering them to patrons. When he saw me fiddling with my locket, he took one more shot out of a box and offered it to me.

    It was real liquor, y'all.

    He then came from behind the bar, turned up the phonograph, and danced with me (oh how I wish I were a better dancer), then danced solo on top of the pool table.

    Then the Boy Witch came in and danced and flailed all over the pool table, before being shut up in a box against the wall by the bartender. However, he was soon rescued by one of the other witches (they both then went out into the street to meet up with their sister and lead the way to the rave).

    Also spotted in the Speakeasy on another cycle - Malcolm, Macduff, and Banquo playing a complicated game of cards involving shot classes, queen cards on top of those shot glasses, trading hands, and nailing cards to the wall. Eventually Macbeth invaded this scene to kill Banquo, and Macduff and Malcolm fled. As I had already seen the killing scene, I tried to follow Macduff and Malcolm to their small interrogation room, burt they only let a few in before they shut the door.

    After another banquet I followed the two female witches to a small dressing room where they freshened up and the bald witch put on a wig. She then went to encounter Banquo in his chapel, a scene I had seen last time.

    I followed the bald (bewigged) witch for a lot of one of the cycles, seeing her and her two siblings do a dnace with shot glasses i nthe Manderley bar, before dancing with (prophesying at?) Macbeth in the hotel lobby, and then finding Banquo to prophesy at him to. After the ballroom dance, the bald witch stayed behind, removed her wig, and had an intense dance with (I believe) Macbeth.

  4. At the ballroom dance, I had a different angle on the scene than last time, and was able to see the whole plot of Mrs. Danvers (lady in the black dress) offering poisoned milk to Lady Macduff. She staggered and swooned into my arms. When Mrs. Danvers came to help revive her, she looked me in the eye, worried for what I may have seen.

    I later found Mrs. Danvers concocting more poisoned milk, which she coerced, with the assistance (I actually couldn't tell if he was trying to help or hinder her) of the bellhop. Lady Macduff staggered and clutched her stomach as if she were having contractions.

    Later, she tried to unpack her suitcase into the chest of drawers near the phone booths, and brought out only baby clothes, which she looked at sadly.

    Other tidbits:

    Followed Mrs. Danvers to a small room where she read pensively a ltter from Macbeth to his wife.

    Saw the Boy Witch lipsynching to "Is That All there Is?", weeping, in the Manderley bar.

    Post-banquet Malcolm and the witches scittered across the floor, moving the forest back in pace for Macbeth to wander through.

    Also a small note - it was mostly a different cast than the last two times I saw it, which got very disorienting at times.

    That's all I can remember, but so much happens, it's unfortunately possible I'm forgetting things.

  5. Okay, I went a fourth and probably final time last night, so here are the extra things I saw:

    I had a few more repeats this times, as I think I have managed to catch all the *major* scenes and interactions, but that's okay.

    On the street shop floor I filled in more on incidental interractions of auxilary characters - the Bartender and the Tailor dancing/fighting in the speakeasy - the Tailor wooing the second Mrs. Dewinters in his shop, first with fabric then with flowers (meanwhile she stole his money when he went to get the flowers).

    Also saw the Sexy Witch fighting with one of the street merchants (not sure whom) in the candy shop, just prior to meeting her two siblings to head off to the rave.

    Finally found Hecate's trashed bar when the rave WASN'T happening - saw her in an interaction with the 2nd Mrs. D (I believe this scene was simultaneous with the banquet, as I missed the first two banquets tonight while wandering upper floors) where she made her take a drink of wine from a shot glass, put on lipstick, and then taunted her with a locket that I later saw Mrs. D look at worriedly (in another cycle) - the locket contained a picture of a young girl and there was a note in the box saying "We have her."

    As Mrs. D wept, Hecate collected her tears in a small bottle, which she then left with and fed to the bartender. Then she pulled an audience member in for a one-on-one encounter (I felt so snubbed!!! er, um, I mean, I've had three one-on-ones now, I really shouldn't complain).

  6. Speaking of one-on-one encounters, here is the one I had last night: I had a repeat of watching the fight/seduction at the phone booths (only now I knew who was involved - first the Boy Witch and Sexy Witch - then the Bellhop). After the Sexy Witch left, the Bellhop approached and was seduced/attacked by the Boy Witch. When the Boy Witch ran off, most of the watching audience followed, but I stayed behind, as I had followed the BW the last time I saw this scene. The Bellhop rose and immediately grabbed my hand.

    We ran to a small room that isn't always locked (the same room I saw Mrs. Danvers reading the note from Macbeth to his Lady). He sat me down, then stared intently at a small round makeup mirror, rotating it until we were looking at each other through the mirror. Then, holding eye contact with me, he fetched a box and put on lipstick, then a wig. He brushed the wig with an ornate hairbrush. He then pulled out a ring and placed it very slowly on my finger, then bent down to kiss the ring (leaving a lipstick stain on my hand). Then the concierge bell began ringing (a scene I knew I had seen before - either the 2nd Mrs. D or Lady Macduff). He hurriedly removed the wig and lipstick, muttered "Coming, coming" and fled the room.


    Other things I caught: Macbeth murdering Lady Macduff (I had only caught the tailend of this scene before); Macbeth wandering the ruined courtyard, tortured by what he had yet to do (though, Judy, I did not see him throwing rocks as you did); the Bellhop having a fight/dance across the concierge bar with (dangit I can't remember) either the 2nd Mrs. D or Lady Macduff; when the Tailor went to bury the bird in the graveyard and sing over it, he gave me his umbrella to hold (I'm so cool); I again failed to keep up with Malcolm's ridiculous four-flights-at-a-time stairsprints, but I tried!

    Also followed Macbeth after his wandering the courtyard to the balcony overlooking the ballroom dance - he watched quietly, and when they lifted Duncan in celebration, he caught sight of Macbeth, who nodded at him. That's when Lady Macbeth noticed him, and glared at him for his absence. Cool tiny details!

  7. Now, I know you're wondering, "Zelda! What about the Nurses? Did you ever find them?"

    HELL YES I DID. I still didn't see all of it, and I never did see them bathing Lady Macbeth. But my persistence, and the fact that I felt confident I'd seen enough of what happens on the other floors so I could wander the hospital floor more, paid off. I finally caught sight of the two Nurses wandering the woods together - they climbed into the window of the bathtub room, then separated - I followed one Nurse into the room of beds, where she lay down on a bed, tossed a bit, then got up. She led us down a corridor with hanging fabric, and took someone into a locked room for a one-on-one encounter (curses! foiled again!).

    Later I saw that the witch's hut in the forest wsa glowing. I approached it and saw the other Nurse was standing in its light, though elsewhere in the maze, and scrawling a message on a wooden post in chalk - which she then erased. She then approached the hut and led the only other person currently following her (so snubbed am I! Whine whine whine) into the hut for a one-on-one encounter.

    Toward the end of the night, I approached the hut and saw that that same Nurse was standing in the window, stroking a bird, and staring out pensively. She then emerged, and saw her sister Nurse on the other side of the bramble maze. They performed a mirror dance, eventually finding each other in a break in the maze wall. They then joined hands, and walked the floor (and indeed many of the floors) before approaching the final banquet scene - rounding up the guests, basically. We watched the final banquet from the balcony, and as it drew to a close, one of the Nurses (the one in the hut) stood behind me, her hands on my shoulders. When Macbeth's chair was pulled from him, she gripped my shoulders tightly. Then she took me by the hand and led me back to the lounge, removed my mask, and kissed my cheek goodbye.

    I'm pretty sure this was my final time attending, but damn what an amazing detailed show. Really glad I got to experience it as many times as I did. Also kind of proud that, of the one-on-one encounters I had, only one is one I'd heard about in the chatrooms (the locket) - I've heard about the Nurse and Hecate encounters, but hadn't heard anyone else mention the Bellhop or Banquo. So. I feel cool.

  8. Additional fun trivia: In the Manderley Bar on the second floor, the Boy Witch lip-synchs to a woman singing "Is That All There Is?" Apparently on the fourth floor in Hecate's duplicate trashed bar, Hecate lip-synchs to a man singing the same song (this trivia via cousinTerra). I suspect, but cannot confirm, that these happen at the same time. And that ... is awesome.

  9. Okay, fifth visit:

    First off, had a lovely chat with Maximillian in the lounge (he remembered my name the whole night, bidding me adieu when I left for the evening).

    I'd heard cool things happen if you're the last on the elevator (and thus first off) - the word is sometimes that lucky one person gets let off on the 6th floor for an extry special one on one. Now, I managed to maneuver myself to be the first off the elevator, but we did not go sixth-floor visiting - I set off on the 5th floor - and had FANTASTIC luck! Almost immediately I located one of the Nurses (I believe the one who is credited as Matron) in the padded room of the hospital, sticking feathers into the cushioned wall in some pattern she could see though I could not. I ended up following her for probably a full hour - including seeing her bathe a frantic Lady M right after the banquet - as well as seeing her eat a gum drop; spell names with nails on a sheet of parchment; carve patterns on a page in a book (which thrillingly turned out to be a map of the 5th floor forest maze); flail on the surgical table as if her limbs were puppet limbs, posessed by an outside force; plant Macbeth's letter to his wife on the 3rd floor; and knock repeatedly on the locked door of the hut. (I suspect, by the way, that the Nurses' arcs are not identical each cycle, but vary slightly each time, which is probably part of what makes them more difficult to track). Final goodie on the 5th floor - the strait jacket in the padded room has "Richard 2" written onto the label.

    Finally my persistence paid off - she met up with her sister Nurse in the forest, where the younger Nurse scrawled a prophesy on a post - then they both unlocked the hut and sat in chairs - leaving the door open. I took the opportunity to follow them in. When the Matron left, the Nurse motioned for me to stay, and shut the door. We had tea, she told me a story of an orphan who tried to travel to the moon, the sun, the stars, and then pulled me close and whispered in my ear "Blood will have blood."

    My other longest stretch was checking in with Hecate several times - I saw her eat the bloody meat, terrorize the second Mrs. DeWinters on the street, and lip synch to "Is That All There Is?" I confirmed my guess that she has at least two 1:1s every cycle. Also as she ate the meat, a ring fell from the dish, which I retrieved and handed to her - other than that, no direct interaction with her.

    I mostly stayed on the top two floors this evening, except when characters led me to lower floors. I wandered the street on the 4th floor a lot, catching fragments of things I had not seen before - the 2nd Mrs. DeWinters packing her suitcase, her interaction in the Detective Agency with Malcolm, her taking a drink with the Bartender in the Speakeasy, and her actual assembling of the locket (incidentally, my one real repeat moment - I didn't realize until it was too late or I would have let someone else have it, but she took me into her room again to give me the locket and speak of Manderly. I was thrilled, because my original locket no longer has the seed or scripture inside - but in my haste to follow Malcolm and another character to the interrogation room, the string snapped, and I lost the locket. karma?)

    As mentioned above, I caught the fantastic lamp-swinging claustrophobic interrogation, which takes place right after the card game, simultaneously with Banquo's murder - you basically have to follow Malcolm out immediately or the room will fill up, and they only let in maybe six or seven of us before shutting the door.

    As I was leaving I chatted with the souvenir program-selling girl, hinting not at all subtly that they ought to have a "frequent flyer" discount - she said they had considered that but hadn't been able to work out mechanics, but that something might happen eventually. She also said they are planning several themed nights in October.

    As if I hadn't given them enough of my paycheck yet...

  10. From what I've heard, the 6th floor 1:1 doesn't happen all of the time for one reason or another. But if it does, it's usually around when they call for the 6's and 7's to go into the elevator.

    Several themed nights in October! That explains the nights that appear blocked off right now.

  11. Ah, that actually makes a kind of sense (when they call the 6's and 7's). Thanks for the info!

  12. Frequent flyers! Yes please!!! :)

    The interrogation scene is amazing, isn't it?!?! When I saw it, no one else had followed them into the room, so I'd been the only one inside to witness it when they closed the door! That's definitely one of the highlights of all of my trips to SNM!

    The past two times I've gone, the fives and the Aces got let off the on the 6th floor. I don't think the cards are relevant. I think it's just about timing... if they let someone in the first Ace group go there, then they have to wait enough time for them to finish their 1-on-1 before sending someone else up, which would end up being around the 5,6, or 7 groups.

    I think they're in need of a change-up anyway. Too many people are onto them. Perhaps they should just start having the nurses take people up there via the elevator as part of their cycles? When the doors shut behind them, everyone else following will be left behind. Or, the door on the 6th floor landing can lock behind them and a black masker can guard it and usher people back downstairs if they take the stairs route. The element of surprise from being pushed off the elevator by yourself at the beginning of the night will still work for 1st comers.

  13. That's a good point - perhaps a change up would be good (of course, all these discussion boards aren't helping them keep their secrets, but since they've finally started giving interviews and marketing, more cats are debagging anyway). I read somewhere they were planning on opening up more rooms, and maybe that would also change some of the tracks of the performers.

    Not to mention that casts are changing over more now - what better time than to start shifting things about?

    I loved the interrogation scene! I wish there had been fewer people in there though - one girl twice my height kept trying to crush me into the wall. Had I been allowed to speak I would have told her there was nowhere else for me to go. Also I was distracted because I'd lost my locket. :( But DAMN. That swinging lamp, and the way they ducked around it? So incredible.

  14. I made it to the 6th floor! I don't want to give too much away in case you make it there, but having watched Rebecca was super duper helpful.

    Also, I had the one-on-one with Hecate after she collects the vial of tears. She made me drink a vial, then gave me a message for the bellhop. When I found him, he gave me another message back to her. When I found her the 2nd time, she unlocked the meat, ate it slowly, and pulled a ring out of her mouth (which she gave to a different audience member). I gave her the bellhop's message, and she pulled me in for a 2nd one on one that night. She gave me some tea and told me a story about Marianne who sailed the seas but her ship sank and people said it was because devils had pulled it down, but that she and I knew the real reason. She floated a little paper boat on my tea, and when the ship sank, the tea turned into blood. Then the lights went black and she pulled me through her chamber into another room where it was raining! She and I danced in the rain laughing, and then she pushed me out into the taxidermy room and slammed the door. AWESOME.

    Also had a one on one my second visit with a Nurse after the possessed dance in the surgery observation room. She sat me on her couch and sat next to me, then pushed me down and wrapped a blanket around me so I couldn't move. She crawled on top of me and was about to kiss me when she started coughing. She turned away from me and into the light, still coughing, and pulled a huge rusty nail from her mouth. She turned and glared at me and then shoved me out of the room.

    I must go a third time!!

  15. Thanks for all the info! I'm going for my second time next week. For my first time, I stayed with my wife the whole time (she has a phobia of haunted houses and didn't want to be alone) so no one-on-one experiences for us. This time I'll be with friends that I will be separating from right away. I want to see who's up on the fourth floor early on (assuming I don't get to the 6th) and then go from there.

    I wish I hadn't read about all your one-on-one's because now I'll feel like a total failure if I don't experience one :-). You must have some special way about you that appealed to the actors.

    The first time (with my wife) actually worked out quite well. It was funny how people (and later on large groups) would frantically chase actors while we were more passive and still ended up seeing quite a lot. I remember one point when we were leaving the speakeasy the opposite way everyone else did and were out on the street scene by ourselves when two actors rounded the corner followed by about 30 people. We ended up having a front-row view of the action while the people actually trying to follow them were having some difficulty. Just a reminder to not try too hard and just let things happen.

    One scene that I have not read anywhere, but must be pretty prominent is Lady Macbeth doing her "out damned spot" dance on the bed in their bedroom. This after she bathes Macbeth in the tub, and the spend some time on the bed, then he leaves.

    One funny moment happened in the speakeasy, after the bartender had a dance with the sexy witch, then left the room. I ran behind the bar, curious of what the set designers put back there. I saw a black curtain and pull it back. I could barely see, so reached in and found a dish with a few prop glasses in it and a pillow with a packet of stage blood. I had picked up the packet, realized I wasn't meant to see it, and put it back in its place. I then stood up to meet, eye-to-eye, the bartender who was glaring at me furiously (but staying in character, of course)! I stepped aside and he picked up the phone to continue his scene. Not a one-on-one, but a very memorable moment nonetheless.

  16. @Caitling & @deliriumdog - thanks so much for sharing your experiences! Caitlin, I would looooove to hear about your sixth floor experience ... but would you rather do it via email, rather than in public comments?

    I went two more times, during the special Halloween events, and will write a bit more about that soon. But I finally got a Hecate 1:1 (the story of the boat)! As well as 1:1s with Malcolm and the Tailor (and a whispered but public conversation with Lady Macduff). Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I saw Alan Cumming! Again, more on that later.

    @deliriumdog don't feel like a failure! I just feel incredibly lucky to have gotten these interactions, but I just reread my very first SNM post, when I hadn't gotten any, and remembered how transcendent and detailed and incredible the experience was even without that. As for tips, I try to get a sense of when a character is about to bolt - usually the crowd will part for them, and I try to slip in right behind, before the crowd re-forms around them.

    Also, something I got to do a lot this past time I went (#7 for those keeping score) that I hadn't done since my first visit is really investigate the space. There's just ... so ... MUCH. It's brilliant.

    I hadn't talked as much about Lady M's Out Damned Spot scene because I saw it on my very first visit, but not since then - and in the first post I wasn't cataloguing as well or as much. But I LOVE it. It's got that great slow build, as she tries to clean herself, before she descends into melancholy and madness.

    How funny about the speakeasy! I'd heard there was a secret tunnel back there for Banquo to escape after his murder, but I've never been in the Speakeasy when the Bartender wasn't there guarding it.

    More reporting on my 6th & 7th visits soon.

  17. Getting ready for my second visit, I'm watching a 2007 version of Macbeth starring Patrick Stewart. (It's streaming on Netflix.) In that version, the witches *are* nurses. Interesting how SNM has both witches *and* nurses.

  18. When do you find the tailor off on his own? He's one of the few characters I do not remember seeing. Cool about Alan Cumming. I heard that SNM is popular with famous people because they can be anonymous there. Who knows who else you may have rubbed elbows with inside the Mckittrick!

  19. I had my second visit last night. As expected, I completely failed to score a 1-on-1 (and two newbies with me both did...grrrr!), but I had a number of great interactions nevertheless. I did get to see the interrogation scene, which was amazing! I also was the only person to see a scene between the tailor and the sexy witch on the table in the back room of his shop. It was like he was inspecting her as she lay there lifeless, then she came to life, forced him down and laughed as she got on top of him. Then she ran out to the street, met with the other witches and ran off to the orgy birth scene. Following the witches down that hallway as they cackled and scraped against the walls very a very intense, memorable moment.

    I also got to go through the "narnia door" which was fun, and saw the two nurses interact in their hut on the 5th floor. After one nurse left, I was one of two people watching the remaining nurse through the window at the end of the sequence, but she chose the other to lure inside. Hmph.

    From what I can tell, the 1-to-1s have less to do with following someone for any length of time than it does being there at just the right time. This is good because following a character through multiple scenes is very difficult. Either there is someone else just as determined as you are trying to edge you out, or the chase leads you into another crowd of people and you lose them.

    Also, I really can't help feeling like I'm stalking the person, even if that's basically what the the show is set up for you to do. It feels awkward to me, and I felt a bit judgmental of a couple guys who were following the lady characters very intently. The other negative from last night is that i felt like I noticed the black masks more, whispering into their microphones and speaking to the actors. This took me out of the experience a bit.

    Otherwise, nice show. I'll want to go again, but not right away. I hope they can keep it going for a while longer.

  20. I am *dying* to know about the sixth floor if someone wants to spoil! I think sometimes 1 on 1s have more to do about the connection you have with the actor. If they feel like you're into it, then I think they're more inclined to pick you as their special snowflake, esp if it's less crowded. It's sort of hinted at in the interviews here:

    I wrote about my experiences here (both are spoilery):

    and here:

  21. If you want to have a fun night, follow the boy witch for one full cycle. On my second visit to SNM my night was made magical by making this choice. We met in the ballroom where I watched him dance the female choreography with another man. He kept looking at me and at one point kissed my "beak". Throughout the hour I followed him to the witches orgy, he led me to a private room where I helped him shower and redress, I helped him down a flight of stairs, we danced, we built the forest for Macbeth together, he sat me down and sang his entire number in the Manderlay lobby to me AND THEN came our 1 on 1. He brought me back to the lobby desk where the bellhop handed him 2 tissues. He put them in my hands and had me wipe his face and rushed me into a phone booth where he closed the curtain around us. He manhandled me very erotically in the booth pressing up against me and holding me tightly at the VERY BOTTOM of my back. I thought that helping him shower and dress was a bit intimate, but not as intimate as the phone booth proved to be. He kissed me many times on the face and neck. Then he dropped down to the ground (in a very tight booth) so that he was on his knees in front of me. This was also very erotic. He then slid up my body and placed a necklace around my neck. He kissed me again 3 or 4 times. I then helped him get a coat on and we continued on our journey. It is a lot of running....but following him is the most fun i've had while at SNM!!! Not to mention that he was beautiful and equally gentle and aggressive with me. It is definitely one of the most intimate theatrical experiences I've ever had.

  22. I realized I never wrote up my Halloween visits, and now it might be too hard for me to remember it all ... but I'll try.

    As I said, I spent a lot more time exploring the space, sometimes waiting for certain characters to appear (like exploring the witches' dressing room, which I knew they would come to after the banquet - when the Bald Witch found me, she stroked my face before attending to her wig).

    I also decided, particularly on my seventh visit (Halloween night) to not panic about trying to catch things, but just relax and re-watch some of my favorite scenes and encounters, especially on the fourth floor, in the tailor's shop or the speakeasy.

    The 1:1s I had -

    I got the locket from Agnes Naismith once more - this time because it was early in the night and she had no one following her - had anyone else been, I would not have tried to steal the experience from them.

    I found Malcolm going frantically through evidence in the back room of his detective agency. After an encounter with Agnes Naismith, where they discovered they each had a photo of the same missing woman, he returned to the back room and retrieved an egg from a drawer. He seemed to hold it out to me - but when I put out my hand to take the egg, he instead grabbed my hand and pulled me quickly through corridors, to the room just beyond (just within) the interrogation room. We went to the small table, where he removed my mask, held a large magnifying glass to my face and asked "Do you see the signs, student?" I nodded, then he opened a box that contained more eggs, and placed the one he had brought from the agency into it. He then chose an egg, placed it in my hand, and, after examining it with the magnifying glass, crushed it into my palm. The egg was full of ashes, or dirt. He smeared the dirt into my hand, then pressed my hand to my throat. Then he started pushing me back, back further, past the curtain, against the wall, speaking of hawks, and ending, crushing me against the wall, his body against mine, repeating "methought I heard a voice cry out" - AND THEN THE LIGHTS SHUT OFF COMPLETELY. After that the alarm bells started ringing on the first floor (Duncan's dead body had been found) and Malcolm darted away. I took a few moments to recover, and a Black Mask had to come fetch me out so she could reset the space.

  23. continuing on,

    I had a brief, public 1:1 with Lady MacDuff - after her murder (and resurrection) but before her genuine 1:1, which I've read about (salt behind the ear) - she was hurrying up to the 4th floor from the hotel lobby, and, since I was following immediately behind, grabbed my hand to make sure I could keep up. She whispered snatches of her conversation with her son from the play ("what is a traitor?").

    When I finally got my 1:1 with Hecate, it was quite a shock, because for the first time I wasn't angling for one. I wandered into her bar just to see what was going on - it was very foggy and there weren't many people there. Then suddenly she came striding in, went directly to her table, and started moving things about. When she turned around, she saw my locket, and came toward it, looking intently. She then grabbed my hand and made to leave - before being distracted by someone else. She released my hand to examine them and I thought "well, it almost happened." But then she grabbed my hand again and led me to her locked parlor. She told me, tears in her eyes, beaming "I was hoping you would come!" Then she laughed and led me to sit down. She put a cup of tea in my hand and told me a story of a boat that drowned - crushing a paper boat into the teacup with my hand. Then she got very close and said "but we know what really happened, don't we?" The lights went out and she dragged me elsewhere, and suddenly it was raining and she was laughing maniacally. She then pushed me out into her apothecary shop, the paper boat still in my hand, and said "Wait here!" I waited, and she eventually returned my mask to me - covered in lipstick kisses.

    The Tailor 1:1 I had been tipped off about, and so knew how to find it. I had followed him for a good portion of his track earlier in the night - even leaving my carnation on his desk (which he, when tidying up, picked up, smelled, smiled, and then placed neatly by the lamp) - and it's possible he remembered me from that. I found him watching the fight in the speakeasy, and followed him as he ran away in fear, to the undertaker's shop. After a few of us had run in after him, he slammed the door shut (but did not lock it) and watched, through the shuttered windows, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth find each other on the street, she quite mad, and both covered in blood. As they started to lead the way to the final banquet, most of the audience in tow, he opened the door and gestured for us to leave and follow. He did not seem to notice (but of course he did) that I had stayed behind. He shut the door again, bolted it, and sighed in relief. He went to the back room and knelt against the slab, and seemed to be praying. Then he suddenly noticed me, and was alarmed. He looked deeply into my eyes, removed my mask, and then sighed in relief. He prayed again, clasping my hands within his, then he painted a cross (in oil? in holy water?) over each door in the space. He then climbed up on the slab and reached somehow within the ceiling and retrieved an amulet of some sort - I'm still not sure how to describe it - on a loop of thread, like the locket is. He placed it around my neck, put my mask back on, and gestured for me to leave. I went to the door, looked back at him confirm, and he nodded. I lifted the bar on the door, and it started to swing open suddenly - and the Tailor rushed forward, in a panic, and shut it again. Then he slowly lifted the bar again, checked to make sure it was safe, took my hand and led me down to where the final banquet was concluding. He kept my hand in his for a bit, before going to assist with crowd control (pushing people backward for the hanging).

  24. Okay, and now to Alan Cumming!

    My friend spotted him as part of the opening procession, but I assumed he was just a lookalike. But lo and behold, the first room I walk into after being let off on the 5th floor on Halloween night was the office with the couch, and he was sitting at the desk, dressed as the Orderly. He immediately looked up and glared at me - he in fact made immediate eye contact with anyone who came to his door.

    His track did not include any of the dancing that the Orderly usually has - rather, he went between the two offices, sorting through papers in the one, and attempting (and failing) to open drawers as he searched for something in the other. Basically he did serial 1:1s, either inviting several into the office to inspect each one (staring deeply into everyone's eyes, one after the other) before offering his hand to one and sending the others out, or just looking intently at whoever was standing in the doorway.

    I went back several times hoping to be picked, which probably counted against me (especially after I had the lipstick stains on my mask), as he seemed to favor those who were not so clearly angling for a 1:1 (taking a tip from Hecate I assume). From what I gather, though, his 1:1 was similar to the Nurse's, where he wraps the guest in the blanket on the couch.

    I just adore that he did this though. So freaking cool.

    Final thoughts: I was really glad that my Halloween night ended with the 1:1 with the Tailor, because he was played that night by Jeffery Lyon, who also played Banquo in my very first 1:1 all those many months ago - it was a nice bit of circular closure (not the least of which because I've had a crush on him since) because I intended that to be my last visit to Sleep No More, and it was a lovely way to say goodbye.

    But I guess I should mention ... I'm going back on Valentine's Day.


  25. I've got my 3rd stay at the McKittrick coming up. Found your blog and comments very helpful before my 2nd stay and rereading some of them in prep for stay #3.

    During my last stay I was lucky enough to have a 1:1 with the Mrs. Dewinters character and was given the locket. I was also, the last on the elevator, thus 1st off let off on the 6th floor solo, alas not on the secret top floor.

    I vaguely remember seeing the sexy witch take someone in for a 1:1 in the same room as the Mrs. Dewinters 1:1 during my 1st stay at the hotel, anybody else seen or experienced that?

  26. I just got the Sexy Witch encounter this past weekend.

    Essentially what happened was this: After the fight scene with MacDuff in the candy shop, the Sexy Witch ran to the nearby bedroom with the Narnia wardrobe. She unlocked the bedroom door and spun around to face the three of us who were in the front line of followers, taking time to stare seductively into each of our eyes. (I was so nervous I would miss this 1:1 - yet again - but was proven wrong.) She reached out her hand and brought me into the bedroom, locking the door behind us.

    She spun me around and approached, slowly caressing my face and chest, until her body was against mine. She brought her face close to mine, as if ready to give a kiss, and spun me around again, this time lining me up in front of the mirror. Looking at one another in the looking glass, she started to run her hands through my hair for what seemed like an eternity, before removing a single strand and showing it to me in the mirror, smiling.

    The Sexy Witch brought the hair out of sight and quickly brought her hand back. Instead of the hair, however, there was a gumdrop - the same that had been used to poison MacDuff. She held it out to me. I tried to grab it. She pulled her hand away and ran to the wardrobe, locking herself inside. Then, all of a sudden, one of the wardrobe doors opened, and her hand (with the gumdrop) slowly reached out, beckoning me inside. I climbed into the wardrobe and she shut the doors. We were enveloped in total darkness. I could feel her breath on the side of my face and she gently caressed my mask. Then, before I knew what was happening, she reached under the mask and placed the gumdrop in my mouth, being sure I ate it. And then she was gone, out through the false back. When I emerged through the false back, she was "dead" on the autopsy table, awaiting the arrival of the tailor.

  27. So just had my 3rd stay at the McKittrick this last weekend. Had a busy stay with three 1:1 interactions! 1st was with the "Sexy Witch", very similar to the description above, except I have a shaved head so no plucking of hair, it was early in the night and I was the only one following her at the time so I got the 1:1 by default. I then followed Hectate and was her "messenger" giving a note to the Porter then returning a note to Hectate, was bummed I didn't get picked for the following 1:1 with Hectate right after that but you can't win them all. The 3rd was with the nurse in the "cabin" in the woods, she whispered to me if was lost, I shook my head yes and was then taken to the cabin, she fed me tea then gave me the cup and told me a story of the orphan.

    I'm not sure if its just me (or just nostalgia) but I really prefer the original cast from the summer verses the current cast; couple example off the top of my head are that the sexy witch seemed sexier and Hectate was more imposing.

  28. OK, i've read so many of these stories and they are all incredible! Thank you guys for sharing so much. This is one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced.

    I have been a total of 4 times, this past Saturday being my 4th. Out of all of the times I have been, I have experienced a total of 2 1 on 1's.

    The 1st: (not sure the character, but please comment if you know) I was on the 2nd floor, the balcony overlooking the ballroom. Just before the twisting stairs there is a small room with a black door that always seemed locked. The male character (please help!) just before entering the room, turned back and looked at me, bringing me into the room with him. He sat me on the chair and took off my mask. He said a prayer, then took the bible out. Hey then put oil in my hands with dirt, then proceeded to take a sword out of the drawer and place it in my hands. It was a very intimate moment and feeling, then he rushed me out of the room and locked the door behind me

    The 2nd: this was INCREDIBLE! It was right as the characters started to gather for the banquet scene. I have already seen this a couple of times so i decided to go and explore. I went up to the forest, walked into the room with laundry and found a nurse. the nurse was EVAN RACHEL WOOD! I thought she looked familiar, but didn't click in until after the entire show was finished that it was her (as she was in the bar having a drink with 2 friends). She chose me for the nurse one on one, brought me into a private room and sat me on a lounger/bed. she took off my mask, lyed my down and covered me in a blanket. She then started to come on top of me, and was pointing to words written on the wall (I couldn't really quite read what it said). She then started coughing and a rusty nail came out. She panicked and rushed me out of the room. SO COOL!

    I want to go back again asap. From the sounds of it I would love to follow the boy witch for the evening. I have seen his solo shower scene before after the rave scene.

    Any tips on when to meet Hecate in the room to try and get the one on one with the tea and rain? I would love to see that

  29. M H - you first 1:1 was with Banquo - it was the first 1:1 I ever had too. Typically whoever has managed to keep up with him best as he flees through the forest after his encounter in the hidden chapel with the Bald Witch gets chosen for that one.

    As for the second one - Wow! I had no idea ERW had cameo'd in the show! How very cool. The 1:1 you got with her is the regular 1:1 the nurse gives (and one I've never managed to snag, so double congratulations are in order).

    The Boy Witch's track is awesome, but he can be very hard to follow. He, like Malcolm and Macbeth, has a tendency to run several flights of stairs up or down at a time, and he won't wait for you ;)

    Re: Hecate - she's harder to get, in general. I've read that she typically won't pick anyone who's very obviously angling for a 1:1, but I've also heard from friends who've gotten picked by her multiple times, so who knows.

    I'm pretty sure the 1:1 where she sends you to the Porter is after she takes the tears from Agnes Naismith, so I assume the 1:1 with the story of the boy in the boat (and the tea and the rain) come after she sings "Is That All There Is?" My best recommendation is that you're not insanely hovering over her during that song, but that you maintain eye contact with her while she sings - she usually will spot and choose her next victim/cohort at this point.

    (If anyone has other/better tips for charming Hecate, please feel free to share - my luck with her has never been stellar)

  30. Great, thanks so much!!!
    Is there any way I can get your email so we can possibly discuss more? Let me know, thank you! I'm so curious to learn more about the characters before next time

  31. I don't feel comfortable putting my email address out on the web, but if you go to my website (linked on the right), there's a Contact page where you can send me a message - I'll reply there, and then we can email.

  32. hello. it took me awhile (for some reason!) to find a little SNM community.
    nonetheless here you are, an EXPERT! :)

    i've had only one SNM experience, dec 26, 2011. it was a good one.
    i'm going back early april, i live on the opposite coast..

    i was confused about the character i was following, the program was little help.
    i'd decided for the longest time that i'd been following a Nurse. boning up recently
    on the wiki and your blog i believe she was actually Agnes. i met her when she handed
    a note the Hecate and Hecate threatened, lorded, humiliated and psychically pummeled her throughout their encounter at a little table at the back of the room after the Orgy.

    by the end the redhead (Tori Sparks?) shed a tear which was promptly harvested in a glass vial, poetically completing the threat/humiliation. from then on she had me, and i followed her doggedly.

    she ran up to her bedroom, fell asleep. is it over? do i leave? stay.
    within 30 seconds a man popped out of the armoire ("Narnia").
    was he a threat?
    covered her, comforted her sleeping figure, left.

    she awoke and soon bolted through the armoire, the room single file in hot pursuit through the rabbit hole..

    well i saw her with the taylor, she (understandably she had to get out of town!) stole his money.

    i saw the scene in the lobby with the tea and the milk (the original Agnes got busted for someone stealing milk..).

    give a scene take a scene, she ran back to her bedroom with me in hot pursuit. when she got to the door there was ONE(!) other whitemask that just happened to be there
    ....and guess who she picked?
    i was the most heartbroken i'd ever been at the theater!

    well played SNM.

    when i finally convinced myself i should move on after a couple of minutes at the bedroom door and -almost- asking a blackmask if i should give up.. i did.

    i'd invested so much!

    but. it was meant to be because later that night i found her again, eventually made it back to the bedroom door, with MORE whitemasks around, but she pulled me in this time.
    and gave my the Manderlay monologue (i've only seen Rebecca recently) and the locket which i'd seen her make in the detective's office.
    she had me wet eyed. i pecked her cheek.


    my question: this was Agnes Naismith? or The Second Mrs. De Winter? or both?

    any more thoughts on Agnes? she was an old lady when she was hanged and burned..

  33. Hi zloo,

    You were following Agnes/2nd Mrs. Dewinter (and Tori Sparks is indeed one of the performers who covers her). The source of the name confusion is that when SNM ran in Boston, several characters had names from the novel/film Rebecca - 2nd Mrs. Dewinter, Mrs. Danvers - I think even Duncan doubled in some capacity as Mr. Dewinter? I'm not sure.

    When the show transfered to NY, they dropped all specific reference to Rebecca - I suspect the rights to these names were tied up with the upcoming broadway musical adaption. Instead, these characters were given names from the Paisley Witch Trials, and further characters were created (characters on 4th & 5th floors) to expand the show, many of whom were given names from Paisley as well (the taxidermist, the tailor, etc)

    From what I can tell, that is the extent of their connection to their real-life counterparts. Agnes in SNM is looking for a woman (her sister?) and seeks help from Malcolm the Detective (who is also looking for her) and from Hecate.

  34. Having gone 3 times I recently received an email about a "special" April Fools Day performance, needless to say I was sufficiently intrigued, especially having missed previous bonus performances and hearing about the special guests that sometimes show up....the "tag line" on the site "Sleep No More you and the performers have never heard it before", I can't wait to see what they do!

  35. So where to start after my April Fools Day SNM experience....... 1st, it wasn't as different as I had expected, to my eye and ear the only thing difference was the score, lots of movie and 80's music, don't get me wrong they did a great job incorporating the music into the story and the songs fit very well with the scenes but maybe my expectations were unrealistically high. 2nd, no guest performers that I saw but the regular cast was good as usual. 3rd, probably due to the fact that everybody there was a "seasoned veteran" and was fanatic enough to get tickets that sold out in 5 minutes, the crowd was not to my liking, a lot of pushing and cutting people off to "get in position" and a lot of people unduly trying to "insert themselves in scenes".

    So here is a list of songs I can remember hearing last night: Star Wars theme, Back to the Future theme, Raiders of the Lost Ark theme, Diamonds are Forever, Whitney Houston- I wanna dance with somebody, Michael Jackson- pretty sure it was Human Nature

    All in all, after my 4th time seeing SNM, I saw more repeat scenes than new scenes and feel there isn't much more that I can get out of it, I must say my 1st and 2nd experiences were the best the 3rd was very good and 4th so-so, I felt more of a connection with more of the actors and actresses during my first 2 visits than the last 2, and I've seen a steady decline in the quality of the audience members. So that being said I think the 4th time will be my final time, I've absolutely loved the experiences and will still "talk it up" and encourage others to see it but I think I'm done (of course I thought that after the 3rd visit so time will tell).

    I'll be curious as to what others thought about the "Remix".

  36. I went for the first time last night and have to say that I'm really appreciative of everyone's insight on what to expect here.

    My experience was pretty phenomenal for a first timer. I was dropped off on the same floor as the ballroom balcony in a bedroom scene where I watched a guy (the king?) sleep and then get prepared to shave. Then I wandered up to the hotel lobby where I came across Agnes so watched her scene play out there and then followed her to her room. Because of where I was standing in the lobby I was able to keep up with her and was the first one at her door (followed by about 20 other people) and she immediately brought me in for the one on one. The monologue she delivers is really beautiful. I ran into her several times later in the evening in the speakeasy and in the shoppe where she prepares the lockets. Each time she saw the locket around my neck she would offer a coy smile which I thought was interesting.

    I somehow ended up in the Rave scene twice. The first time I followed one of the girl witches and the last time around I was in the back of the crowd and was leaving when the boy witch ran past me and motioned for me to follow him into the shower room. This wasn't a one on one as the door was open but since I was the one standing closest to the shower he had me help him get dressed and then grabbed my hand and took me down all the stairs to the final scene.

    All in all it was a great experience and I will likely go back one more time to explore in the future. All of the advice on here is great - especially the following the secondary characters!

  37. Interesting! I made it to the 6th floor. The man at the elevator said, "Fortune favors the bold" right before the door opened. He said, "Ladies first." Since no one else got out, I did and then he wouldn't let anyone else out and went down. I didn't know a ton about the show before going and I didn't realize that getting to the 6th floor was such a big deal, but the more I talk to people, I'm the only one who ever made it up there.

  38. You guys, I'm not even going to pretend to be cool about this. I just ordered the new souvenir book and I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE ALL THE PRETTY.

  39. Hi there - First off. I love all the info and stories on here.

    I went for my second time last night and was so hopeful for the 6th floor and/or a 1:1. Neither happened though. Sigh. I was the last person on the elevator "lucky last" as they called me. And the only one out on the top floor but it was the hospital beds/bathtubs/forest which is definitely not the 6th floor right? I was there on my first visit too so I'm pretty sure it's not. I did follow a bunch of new people this time though. I want to say it was the second Mrs. de Winter. But maybe not. I watched her pack/unpack, put on makeup in a mirror, followed her through an armoire that led to another room, go to a detective agency etc..

    Already planning another visit.

  40. Thanks for reading, Bianca!

    You were indeed correctly positioned to get the 6th floor 1:1, but the timing wasn't right - not every elevator trip hits the 6th floor because of how long that 1:1 takes. You were let off on the 5th floor/hospital level.

    And yes, you were indeed following Mrs. de Winter/Agnes Naismith! The other woman who carries a suitcase is Lady Macduff, but she's extremely pregnant, so that wasn't her.

  41. I love all your tips and stories! I'm going to NYC in August and just bought tickets for a 6pm show on a friday. Have you been to Gallow Green yet? When I purchased my ticket I got this message: "Friday, 8/17/2012 6:00 : This early check-in time allows you entry to Gallow Green, our garden where libations will be available. To access the garden, you may arrive at The McKittrick Hotel as early as 6:00pm and no later than 6:30pm." Typically I think its a $20 cover. Sounds cool!

    Do you have any info on this option? It sounds like you can only go to Gallow Green BEFORE the show which is too bad ... I think it might be more enjoyable afterwards.

  42. Thanks for reading, Chanda! I have not been to Gallow Green yet (though I will in a few weeks). That's true - if you go to Gallow Green only and not the show, it's a $20 cover. I love that they include it with the earlier ticket time without additional charge.

    I've heard that some do go to Gallow Green after the show, but I don't have any further details on that.

  43. I should have long ago stopped declaring each visit to the McKittrick to be my "last." Anyway, here's a summary of my 9th visit, last night:

    First off, I haven't done the Gallow Green garden yet, but I will be doing that next week. I look forward to reporting back on that as well!

    So there is indeed a new 1:1 in the show, but in the interest of preserving surprise, and since it's so new, I won't say with whom yet (I saw someone get taken in, but I was not selected for it). In fact, I was not selected for any 1:1s last night, which is unusual for me, but it also helped remind me how wonderful this show is, outside of the private encounters.

    Going back after so many months away, old familiar sights were fresh and exciting - the opening maze terrified me yet again, and I treated myself to seeing a lot of dances and scenes I'd loved but hadn't stayed to watch in a while, always in a quest for something I hadn't seen yet.

    So I once again was able to enjoy such treats as the poisoned milk dance in the restaurant, the Boy Witch's rendition of "Is That All There Is?," the phone booth fight, and the witches' prophecy to Banquo in the hotel lobby. I got to watch the door battle between Catherine Campbell and Macduff, which I hadn't seen since my first visit, over a year ago. I spent time with Hecate (she kissed my mask, but no 1:1), watched her summon the rave, and then collect the vial of tears from Agnes. I caught the second half of the Macduff duet in their suite. I came upon Macbeth murdering Duncan, stayed to watch Malcolm, Macduff, and Banquo discover him and intern him in the crypt, then followed them upstairs for the card game. After, I was one of only two who made it in to watch the incredible interrogation scene, which remains one of the most thrilling parts of Sleep No More. And I made it to the front of the crowd for the final banquet, so Macbeth's fall had me gasping. Just incredible.

  44. What really astonished me, though, was that I was still discovering new things, even after all this time.

    I came upon the Porter almost immediately after entering the hotel. He was puttering around, setting the space, and made direct eye contact with me (I thought only witches or dead or crazed people were allowed to do that?). At one point in his puttering, he went to the restaurant and took a handful of peppermints, then offered one to me. (later, in my first rejection of many, he chose the only other person standing there for his 1:1. ah well)

    I was finally able to catch a bit of the taxidermist's arc, though it became crowded and I shifted off to explore elsewhere quickly.

    And a scene I'd heard about but not seen til last night - Catherine Campbell discovering Duncan in the crypt, reviving him with a kiss, and then dancing a lovely duet with him on the ballroom floor to "Moonlight Becomes You."

    Also the Bald Witch led me to her dressing room, and had me stroke her head and face, which was ... unnerving, but that's how I always feel around her.

    But perhaps the funnest new discovery for me was following Malcolm and Macduff after the interrogation - they go back to Malcolm's office, and he pulls out a drawer. Inside is a map (of Scotland?) and two miniature pine trees. Macduff places a third pine tree between them, and demonstrates how the two outer can knock that third one down. They agree on their plan, shake hands, and head down to the ballroom for the banquet.

    Just. Completely. Awesome.

    The audience was fairly well-behaved last night (this is why I prefer going during the week), though I did have one fellow who kept trying to push me out of the way when I followed Catherine Campbell around. And there was one girl that was completely up in Hecate's face, in an uncomfortable way - Careena had to repeat to her three times "Let go of the door." before she would back off.

    Oh and a final moment of yespleasethankyou - William Popp, after the show, biking home shirtless. Thank you, good night!

  45. Oh, one more thing - just because I keep forgetting to do it. I'm a pretty good source for questions, but if there's anything I can't answer, or if you just want to read all cool tumblr things on Sleep No More, is a fantastic resource and a fun read.

  46. Visit Number 10 was last night, and it began with Gallow Green ... oh, Gallow Green. It was marvelous.

    If you haven't heard, Gallow Green is a new rooftop garden that is now an optional part of the Sleep No More experience. I was worried, as I walked from the train station, that it would be a bit dismal, as there was one of those delightful torrential downpours going on, but they had tented the sitting area, so we were dry and cozy. We sipped at fancy (and good lord, expensive) mixed drinks, and made conversation with our "hosts" - the fortune teller did not wander our way, but young Alice seemed to be paying special attention to us (she liked that we had dressed up a bit), telling us in confidence that her mother didn't know she was out, and she was longing to drink some liquor but nervous that her uncle and aunt, who were in attendance, would rat her out. Her Uncle talked to us about the recent World's Fair, and the seven dwarves (...). Alice's Aunt came to talk to us, too, but then the live band started up and drowned her out.

    We also had a little tray of protein-y snacks (good preshow dining for SNM) including nuts, olives, and cheese.

    I hear on the tumblr grapevine that they're working on a special entrance from Gallow Green to the McKittrick, but last night anyway, they simply instructed us to go back down to the street and stroll over. Alice herself escorted us off the roof, her arm around me.

  47. On to the show itself!

    It started off well - I found the Bald Witch (played by Omagbitse Omagbemi, whose presence was truly overpowering) in her dressing room. She pulled me in, embraced me, and kissed/licked(?) me on the neck.

    Other scenes I got to see that I'd caught before but nevertheless enjoyed included Hecate's meal and her song, the wanderings of the Taxidermist, the mirror dance between the Nurse and the Matron in the woods, and much of the activity on the hotel lobby floor.

    What was most striking to me, actually, was how few of the performers I recognized from my first few visits last year - and the ones I knew were all playing roles I'd never seen them in: Nick Bruder as the Porter (extraordinary - omg), Careena Melia and Ching-I Chang as the Matron and Nurse, and, my favorite, Marla Phelan as the Sexy Witch. It was a really exciting new side to see from all these performers.

    Other casting: pretty sure (from the pictures) that was Mia Mountain as Hecate - until last night Hecate has always - ALWAYS - been played by Careena while I was there. This was a fascinating variation. Conor Doyle was just perfect as the Boy Witch, which I'll get to in a moment, and Macbeth was ... I'm not positive. He had a beard. Paul Zivkovich?

  48. I spent a good deal of the first hour following the Porter, whom I've always had a special fondness for. I'd seen much of his arc before, but it was fun to see the bits I hadn't caught - like his solo dance during the big ballroom dance downstairs (gorgeous), or his meal in the restaurant. After being so used to seeing Nick Bruder as Macbeth, where he is almost overflowing with violence and passion, and a sort of feral energy, it was fascinating to catch the softer elements he brought to the Porter. And I do wonder at his motivation - he's protective of Lady Macduff from Catherine Campbell's poison, fighting her nearly the whole time, but once Agnes arrives, suddenly he is cynical and smirking, playing pranks and laughing ghoulishly. Other times, as he watches the witches' antics or the murder of Lady Macduff, he is subdued, hiding in a corner.

    Later the Boy Witch appeared to sing his rendition of "Is That All There Is?" When he went to the Porter to have his tears dried, he turned to me to help him dry the rest, then took me to one of the phone booths for - YESSSSSSS - his 1:1. He wrapped us in the green curtain and stared sadly into my eyes, then collapsed to his knees. I reached out to comfort him, and he rose, laughing into my shoulder, but that laughter turned again to sobbing. He put an amulet around my neck, kissed me (much as the Bald witch had earlier), and whispered in my ear ... I can't remember what, but I think it was about seeing my face in his dreams? Gah. I was trying so hard to remember it.

    I was beyond thrilled, as the Boy Witch's 1:1 has long eluded me, so imagine my ecstasy when I was gifted with another long-elusive 1:1! Hecate chose me for her 1:1 after the vial of tears!!! Mia Mountain was especially creepy, staring intensely into my eyes as she slowly lifted my mask, then smiling in delight as the mask came fully off. She fed me another vial of tears, then gave me a note to deliver to the Porter. What good luck that I'd spent the first hour with him, and knew exactly where to find him.

    I located him watching the murder of Lady Macduff again and handed him Hecate's note. He looked at me, read the note, then slid backwards off the counter. I followed him to his office where he pulled out a page of McKittrick stationery and penned a letter back to her. Several others had followed us to watch him write, but I knew the letter was for me. It was also a fun extra puzzle piece slotting into place - the first person I ever saw on my initial visit to Sleep No More was the Porter weeping and penning this very note, but I hadn't known then that it was a letter to Hecate, one he pockets if no one has brought him her note first.

    He finished the letter (Nick Bruder has beautiful penmanship, btw), folded it, and handed it to me, pulling me closer to slide a ring on my index finger. Then he nodded to the side, as if to say, "You know what to do now." I nodded and off I went. I did stop under a light to read the letter (wish I could remember more of what it said), and was tempted at that moment to forego my mission and keep it as a souvenir. But - the characters were counting on me! I couldn't let them down. When I went back up to her lair, she was about to have her meal, which segues right into her song, and her selection of someone for a 1:1. I knew this arc I shouldn't interrupt, so I waited until she emerged from that 1:1 to give her the Porter's letter. She read it, then took me back inside.

  49. Here it was the same 1:1 I'd gotten before - the tale of the boat at sea with the teacup and the blood. Except this time as the story ended, and she confided, "But we know what really happened, don't we?" and the lights suddenly went black, in the dark she accused, "AGNES." Which was really freaking scary. But when she pulled me into the rain, laughing, suddenly I was laughing too (which I hadn't done the first time I got pulled into the rain - too rattled) - but the absurdity of getting rained on again, after getting soaked on my way to the McKittrick, was too much. We held each other and laughed and laughed.

    Sadly, I have no good mask souvenir - though she kissed my mask when she first gave me the note for the Porter, the mask she gave me at the end was clean. YES, ZELDA, FIND SOMETHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT, PLEASE.

    Final piece of the narrative - I was escorted to the final banquet by the Tailor (no 1:1) - I think Zach McNally. In the Manderley Bar afterward, I learned that one of my friends who attended had achieved no less than THREE 1:1s that night! The Tailor, the Nurse in the Hut, and the brand-new 1:1 that I'm still trying to help them keep a bit under wraps.

    Okay, and final final thought: judging by audience behavior the past two times I've gone, I'm worried I might be steering people wrong in terms of following politely. My tip about slipping in as they dart out so you're the first behind them is *specifically* for when they're about to go up or down stairs, where there can be so much traffic it's easy to lose someone. Staying that close when they're trying to actually perform a dance can be dangerous and rude to the other patrons - though it's even ruder to think it's okay to actually try to push someone out of the way to get in the "first place" slot. The performers notice, and they tend not to select the pushier ones for their private encounters. I'm not saying everyone does this, but I wanted to put out this note as a cautionary in case anyone *is* doing it and hadn't realized.

  50. I was told to not read up on anything before I saw the show, but I wish I had found your site beforehand. I liked the show but was overwhelmed by the pushy crowds and didn't stumble on any very extraordinary scenes. In fact, I don't think I found any major scenes at all, other than the MacBeth/Lady MacBeth hate sex scene and one of the murders. I would like to go back, but I got elbowed in the ribs so many times, it makes me reticent to try again.

  51. Allie, I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience with the audience. I agree, a rude crowd really sullies the whole thing. Did you go on a weekend? I've found the crowds to be roudier (and drunker) then, unfortunately.

    If you do feel up to trying again, I could recommend spending time on the 2nd floor (hotel lobby) - it's not as cramped as some of the other floors, and there is nearly always someone there doing something.

    I'm glad you at least got to see the big Macbeth fight scene - that was the first scene I ever saw, and it made a big impact on me.

  52. I went on a Wednesday, but I think my desire to escape the crowds meant that I made choices that took me away from the action. At the very least, now I know how to find the orgy! :-D


  53. Hi, Zelda! I wanted to thank you for this fabulous post. It was very helpful to me as we planned our first visit to SNM. I did wind up reading some spoilery info, but when we entered the hotel I found that I very quickly became quite disoriented and had difficulty figuring out/remembering who was who, where I was, and how I got there (but in the best possible way.) I wrote about our visit at the link below if you are interested – it should be public. I did have one question – do you by chance know what character the man in the white/cream suit might be? I think he was a minor character - he escorted me out of the final banquet but I don’t recall seeing him before that. My husband said he had seen him in the audience during the banquet and also thought he had seen him on the fourth floor, but he wasn’t sure. Unfortunately I don’t remember much else about how he looked, though I think if I saw a photo I hope I would remember him.!/notes/julie-white-eklund/last-night-i-dreamt-i-went-to-manderley-again-entering-the-world-of-sleep-no-mor/10151137544998014

  54. Julie, thanks for linking to the wonderful write-up! I especially love the door dance between Macduff and Catherine Campbell (the maid), which I saw on my first time and not again until my ninth, so I'm glad you got to see that.

    I can't quite figure out who your escort was though. A cream suit doesn't sound familiar. The one thing I can think of is the Orderly - a role that does not always exist, but sometimes alternates if there aren't two female nurses to be had (for the hospital floor). I know he wears all white ... Most of the men are in some form of black though

  55. Thank you! The orderly would make sense as someone that we wouldn’t have seen – I was only on the fifth floor for a few minutes and never made it back up, and most of the others in our party never went there at all. I did find it a bit frustrating how similar the men looked – I had a terrible time remembering who was who, and a couple of times in dark areas I found myself following someone in slacks and a vest who I realized, when he turned, was an audience member!

    Thanks again for the helpful tips, particularly the ones about not wearing a dress and arriving early. You helped make our evening that much better.

  56. Zelda, I'm back on here after so many months not checking! Glad you went again :))
    By the way, I moved to New York now, yay! Haven't been to the show yet, but planning on going sometime soon and so excited - I haven't seen it in months!

  57. Excellent! Welcome to NY living! I look forward to hearing about your next visit to the show. :)

  58. First visit was last night. I got tickets as a treat for my boyfriend's birthday, and in after thought I regret getting them for the last check-in. Definitely booking them for earlier next time!

    I knew almost nothing about it except the very basics. Although it was an exciting experience, reading this I realized I missed 90% of the action.

    Boyfriend was lucky - he was let out on the 6th floor and had an amazing one on one.

    We spent too much time in the 5th and 4th floors however - I saw some of Agnes' scenes twice before realizing I should explore some more. Caught the orgy/rave and ended up dropping my sweater in shock and awe. Thankfully one of the black masks had retrieved it and handed it to me back at the bar.

    Definitely wanting to go back soon and actually see more of the scenes!

    Great blog, extremely helpful to figure out where to start next time!

    1. J, I'm sorry you felt like you missed a lot (the show is great at always having so much going on that you will always be missing, tragically), but glad you had a good time anyway!

      And your boyfriend was lucky! The 6th floor is one I still haven't achieved.

  59. I'd love to hear about a 6th floor encounter. Would anyone be willing to post details or put me in touch with someone who can?

    1. I had the 6th floor experience last trip! email me if you want specifics.

  60. Note to all: There is a new 1:1 with the Speakeasy Barman. That is the full extent of my knowledge so far.

    1. First, I just discovered this site today and it is amazing!
      Last night was my 2nd visit, and 1st time going to the dinner beforehand. The "hidden" door for the 1:1 in the speakeasy is in the only corner with "real" walls, to the right of the bar. I tried to push my way in for it, but he took the guy next to me. *However* I *did* see the inside of the room, which had a table made of crates with a hand of cards laid out on it. Hanging above it was the kind of lighting fixture that is usually above pool tables in bars.
      I wish I could remember when it occurs time-wise relative to other events but all I can remember is that there was a brick on the pool table.

    2. Thanks for the update, Nellie! :)


    The following is what I believe was a sixth floor 1:1. At the dinner (which is optional) that I attended before, I received a secret message from a member of the waitstaff telling me to meet the character Maxamillion in the bar at 8:45. When I arrived, he took me into the elevator and we went to what I believe was the sixth floor. I then walked down a dark passage and into a very long hallway with creepy lighting and complete darkness a points. I was then pushed in a wheelchair down this hallway by a nurse while she old me the story of a young boy with polio. She then released me, where I was instructed to exit and go down to the normal floors.

  62. One more thing about last night involving a whispered encounter I had--I'm hoping someone can solve a small mystery for me. I don't think the answer posted yet so my apologies if it has--

    I was on the ballroom floor when I started following a bald man all in white. Only me & another person were in the room at that point. He took my arms and whispered in my ear, "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are." This quote is from the Bible (1 Corinthians; 16-17). After that, he just slowly wandered around without going anywhere, so I left the room.

    I'm trying to figure out which character he was supposed to be when he whispered to me.

    MacDuff has a similar line in MacBeth: "Most sacrilegious murder hath broke ope/ The Lord's anointed temple, and stole thence/The life o' the building! (II.iii) But the man in white was not the actor playing MacDuff.

    If it helps, I saw him in a few other places: 1)He was in the center of the table in the Last Supper tableau. 2)At Malcolm's desk in the detective's office, Malcolm takes a knife and uses it to cut out a typewritten line from piece of paper. The line reads, "Blood will have blood". He then rolls the paper tightly around a crow's leg. When he left the detective office, I followed the crowd following him, and ended up in the tailor's shop, where I saw the man in white again. I think Malcolm must have given him/the tailor the paper, because when I got there, he was sewing it into a blue cloth with red thread. 3)I left the room, then followed the crowd following him again shortly afterward. He went to the embalming room, with no cloth, but put a piece of paper on a mirror. Then he sprinkled sand on it and put a few drops on it from a vial he got off a shelf. He looked up at the ceiling saying some kind of incantation, then read the sand like someone would read tea leaves or coffee grounds. Finally, he took out a small animal skull, coils the paper up and puts it in the skull. Then I moved on

    I recognized the actor playing him to be Ted Johnson. In the program, he is listed as playing Duncan /Porter /Orderly /Speakeasy Bartender /Mr.Fulton. Since Mr. Fulton is the tailor, that part makes sense. But who is he supposed to be in the tableau?

    This is further complicated because most of the roles have been re-cast. For example, I didn't find the current bellhop in the program at all, and I saw a different Lady M (currently Omagbitse Omagbeni, who is listed in the program as "Witch/Catherine Campbell.)

    To wrap up, I had just entered the hotel bar at 10:15 while everyone was leaving or getting a drink. There was an opening in the red velvet curtain next to me, and the actors all started to go through it (presumably to prepare for the 11:00 show). Before my man in white exited, he took off my mask, and wordlessly gave me a big, long, hug.

    Since there was only one other person in the entire ballroom during our encounter, I think that there must be nights when he has no one to whisper to. I'd like to think that I was the first, and for that, he was grateful.

    1. Nellie, what a cool encounter! Ted Johnson has covered many roles (the first show I saw, two years ago, he was the Porter). As for Omagbitse Omagbeni (oh MAN is she good) playing Lady M, my understanding is that the shape of the cast has changed so much that most players are trained to cover multiple roles beyond their "regular" ones, in case of emergency fill in. Conor Doyle even famously played Hecate once!

      As to your experience, I do have to admit confusion. The whispering of a biblical phrase immediately screams either Tailor or Duncan to me, as they are the two most religious characters (vs. Catherine Campbell, who seems to actively despise religion and religious symbols), and if you say he was at the center of the Banquet tableau, that was absolutely Duncan, BUT Duncan has no doings in the Tailor's shop, or, to my knowledge, any action at all on the street shop floor. Is it possible there were two bald performers and you got them confused at one point? I don't mean to question your memory, but if the man was actually J. Fulton the Tailor, he's not part of the banquet tableau at all. He is typically in the Undertaker's shop or Agnes's quarters during the banquet (except the finale).

      Phil Atkins, who is also bald, played Duncan for a very long time, though he has officially left the show; however, people who have officially left have been known to randomly return, even if just for a night.

      When you say "man in white," you don't mean full white outfit, do you? Most of the men wear black pants. The only man who wears full white, I think, is the Hospital Orderly ...

    2. The activities you described on the street shop floor do all sound like J. Fulton's arc, though.

  63. I could definitely have mixed up two of the actors. (It's embarrassing that I must think all bald men look the same!) ;-) Thinking back, I also realize that no one would be wearing all white; I must remember him that way because the other men I saw in white shirts had a vest/jacket.
    Unfortunately, I didn't see Duncan's death scene, which may have helped me remember who was who. Since both actors looked about the same age, I don’t think one of them was Phil Atkins; from what I can tell, he is noticeably older. The person that hugged me at the end was definitely Ted. I’m thinking one of the two men could be a newer cast member. It would probably make more sense for Duncan vs. J. Fulton/Tailor to be in the ballroom. I don’t think the Gallow Green characters would be there for part of their “tracks”, right? Thanks!

  64. I saw it for the first time last week and I now understand what the hype was about! It was really really awesome. I got a 1:1 with the girl with the suitcase who gives out lockets. But I did something really stupid. After coming out of the bar into the coatcheck to get my stuff, I opened the locket and a piece of paper fell out. Since it was kind of dark and my friends were kinda rushing me out so we could make the subway in time to catch the bus back, I just ignored the piece of paper thinking it was just a blank piece of paper. After reading this, I want to go back and try to get another locket...

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. I just returned to the McKittrick for the third time, my write up is here but there are spoilers:

  67. I went to SNM for the second time Saturday night, with my wife, who was a first-timer. It was our 22nd anniversary, and made for a very interesting evening. We joked, "What better way to celebrate our marriage than spending an evening among poor souls damned to an eternal cycle of death and destruction!"

    I was lucky enough this time, after not getting a single 1:1 the first time (I didn't know much about it, and almost got selected for Lady Macduff's 1:1), to get selected THREE TIMES. First by Hecate for the tear-drinking encounter (but not the letter to the Porter), then with Sexy Witch, and finally with Malcolm, which was easily the coolest of the three. I know the play quite well, and was actually almost chanting the lines along with him as he whispered them in my ear ("Methought I heard a voice cry...").

    However, the most wonderful 1:1 encounter I had during the course of the evening was with... my wife. *smile* We ran into each other on the main street in Gallow Green toward the end of the night, and I decided we should explore together for a bit and led her into the speakeasy. There was no one there, we were totally alone and sweet music was playing, so I pulled her to me and we spent a few minutes dancing together, looking at each other through our masks. It was a really sweet moment, and certainly an anniversary memory that will never be duplicated!

    No thanks to the management for their help though... I emailed and asked if it would be possible to have a pair of deuces of hearts set aside for us as a memento, and they replied sure, they'd be happy to if we ponied up $365 for a reserved table and champagne in the bar. Wow, THANKS! What a deal... LOL

  68. Thank you so much for this. Since with SNM you leave with more questions then answers, it is great to come here to ease my mind from all the thoughts and quandaries spinning about. So, thank you. Last week I went to SNM and LOVED IT! There was a fine mix of fear, interest, and intrigue as I entered. I found myself mostly sticking around the floor with the street and shops (3 or 4 I think) Floating past me I saw an attractive young lady holding a suitcase. She had beautiful curly hair and gorgeous eyes. Of course I had to follow her. As she weaved between shops such as the investigators office, and the taylor, I found myself totally immersed in her story. Her delicate demeanor was transformed from a beautiful short dance with the tailor to a desperate woman in seconds. (Didn't want to spoil it) I followed her losing her for short periods of time but I felt myself hovering around her house hoping to catch a glimpse of her again. She did come back when I was reading her books on her tea room table. I made sure to get right behind her since the people following her were lagging behind a bit. She unlocked he bedroom and entered with me right behind her. She turned to look at me. Her look startled me a bit, making me think I wasn't supposed to entered. But she left the door open and stepped inside allowing only me to join her. My heart skipped a beat when she closed the door behind me. I sat down on her small couch on the side of her room. Was this my first 1 on 1? What do I do? I asked myself. Since this was my first time I did not really know about 1 on 1's or how to act during. (Zelda please feel free to brief me on protocol, Can I speak? Should I speak? How much should I interact with the actors?) She approached the opposite corner of the room and took something out of her jewelry box.

  69. Her eyes lowered to what was in her hands. Having the mask on I still felt anonymous, so I walked over to take a look. As I walked over she placed her hand gently on my chest. Her eyes staring deeply into mine. Now considering that she slightly resembled Rachel McAdams who I think is stunningly gorgeous, my heart must have been beating through my chest. Then it happened... She reached up and took my mask off. Now I was standing there completely exposed. With that small motion I felt as if I was standing there completely naked. My prior boldness completely left me. She opened her wardrobe and we both went inside. She kept the door slightly cracked just so I can see a small sliver of her face. With all the creepy stuff going on outside I was transported from the SNM world into her world. With a short monologue and her tender look melted me. She placed a locket around my neck which I saw her prepare previously in the tailor's room. I wanted to reach out and hug her to comfort her since she seemed emotional. Of course I know this an act but she totally sucked me in. As she was concluding her monologue she shut the door of the wardrobe leaving us shrouded in complete darkness. She moved her lips close to mine and just slightly touched her lips to mine. My knees almost gave out. And just like that it was over. She placed my mask back on and led me out the back of the wardrobe.
    It may or may not be sad to say, that was the most romantic few minutes of my life. I find myself drifting away during my boring accounting job thinking about her and our little moment. I've been in several long term relationships and nobody stole my heart so quickly.
    I really wanted to keep the locket so I tucked it in my shirt as I went around to explore more. I guess from reading above I should have kept it visible since other characters will react to it. Lesson learned. But I can assure you, I will go back, probably multiple times.
    Zelda, what is the protocol for the 1 on 1's. Obviously I don't want to be creepy and I don't want to step out of line but I want to get the most out of the 1 on 1's for the future. Also my open message to the actress who stole my heart. Thank you, you have an amazing talent as does the entire SNM cast.

    1. Brundib, I think you behaved perfectly fine. Honestly, as with the show in general, your level of involvement is up to you. I rarely speak during the 1:1s myself, but the most important thing is to be there, to listen and respond. Eye contact is a big thing. They're such intense small moments, and I usually try to just let go and let the performer lead me on whatever journey they want. The heart breaks with each farewell!

  70. I love your blog. Useful information. I went for the first time this past weekend, and I was utterly entranced, and need to go again. I live in Baltimore, so it does become a somewhat expensive endeavor,, so I really want to get the most out of my visit. I really want to experience a 1:1 but it seems really hard to do.. I am not sure which character to follow. Also, I am not very fast, and when the characters run off, I often can't see where they have gone.. It is perplexing.. I almost found it better for me to stick to one floor and let the action come to me as it were because chasing someone is kind of difficult.

    I DID sort of have a connection with the bartender at the pool hall.. When I first got in, I wandered away from the crowd and up the stairs and pretty much had floor three to myself. The Bartender did a card game with me to see if I could find the queen of hearts and he pulled out a box.. I was not able to find the queen so he never opened it.. He gave me a kind of diamonds that I later gave back to him and he did play blackjack with me, so I feel like I accomplished something.

    When I started getting really lost is when it filled up with people.. There were so many people around the actors, and I could not figure out who they would choose, and many people were faster and stayed with them easier than I could. So, I wonder what my next plan of attack will be.

    1. Hi Doug, thanks for reading!

      If following people is a problem, the two floors I would most recommend are the second floor (hotel lobby) and fourth floor (street of shops), as both floors get sufficient traffic and there's always someone somewhere. The hotel lobby might be a better bet, as it's more of an open space than High Street, and there are several 1:1 encounters in the hotel lobby.

      As for getting them to choose you, advice #1 is Don't Crowd Them. If you're too much in their space hoping to be noticed, you could get in the way of the dancing, and they won't like it. But stay near, and stay connected. Invest in what you're watching, and often they'll be able to see that.

      People that are really hard to chase: Boy Witch, Macbeth, Malcolm. The women are a bit easier.

    2. Thanks. I do think I was too close to them the first time as I was not sure what type of distance to keep. I also had no idea who is what or what is who. I think I may concentrate on the woman near the shops with the locket the next time I go. She seemed interesting. Is there a good place to start? I think everyone funnels into the hotel lobby. But surely some of the actors are already on other floors starting a new cycle.. Maybe I will head down to the ballroom, there is often stuff going on down there.

    3. If you'd like to follow Agnes (the woman with the suitcase/locket), she keeps mostly to the 4th and 2nd floors (High Street and hotel lobby). I don't think she goes down to the ballroom til the finale. I seem to remember going once at the start of the evening, and seeing her in her apartment, alone, so that could be a good time to seek her out, and her 1:1 is beautiful.

      But yes, the ballroom can also be a good place to start, since many characters gather there.

  71. Where is her apartment? I should have known she was Agnes, I found that photo she carried and it has Agnes written on the back. I saw her in the seamstress shop putting something into a locket. I should have followed her then but I had just gotten into the hotel (my first visit) and was feeling sort of overwhelmed by everything. Now I am figuring out how soon I can save up and get back to NYC. I really need to see this thing again.

    1. If you see a room that looks like a parlor, that is the outer room of her apartment (the locked room within is her bedroom). I believe it is just down from the detective agency, but I can't say that with absolute certainty.

  72. Seems no comments for quite a while... I just want to share a scene I saw that I found unusual during my second visit to McKittrick. After the final scene, when all the audiences were exit to the bar where we waited for our number to be called, I saw the Boy Witch was still performing (well...I mean he was basically all over her. But I can tell he was in his character) to a Whitemask in the corner of the bar. Are there performances take place in the bar? (I'm sure they have a name for this bar, but I can't remember.) Eventually he took off the mask for the audience and they hugged. Seemed like a 1:1 to me. Anyone know what's going on in this scene?

    I'm going to McKittrick for the 3rd time next Tuesday.This blog and comments are very helpful and entertaining. I have been reading it for whole night! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Xiaojing, thanks for reading! Many of the characters, after the banquet, will choose an audience member to escort back to the Manderley Bar. I was escorted back once by the Matron. She held my hand as she led me back, constantly sneaking glances over at me like a nervous schoolgirl. When we got back, she pressed me against a wall, stared deeply into my eyes for a moment, then removed my mask, barely breaking eye contact. Then I think she smiled, kissed me on the cheek, and left me there. I was too speechless to even offer a "thank you."

      I can't speak definitively, but I imagine the Boy Witch was doing something similar, only more ... Boy Witchy.

      Have fun on Tuesday!

    2. Zelda, I went back to the McKittrick several times after, and had 2 walk-outs from the Porter and Banquo. They both smiled when they removed my mask and kissed me on the cheek. I guess this is some routine they follow in the walkout scene. However, I just realized today(!!! I have to share this!!!!!) this scene is so much more than a walk-out. When it is said that “we can never go back to Manderley again,” it is often from our own perspective that we wish we could return to the world of Sleep No More again. But this statement is actually meant for those poor souls within the hotel who long desperately to escape. So the walk-out is actually the true final scene of the show, where those souls are finally free from the limbo. That's why they all looked so relieved and smiled at us.(!!!) I'm not sure about the Witches' walkout scene, considering they are a different type of character. This show is just has soooooo much to discover.

    3. Xiaojing, what an interesting (and heartbreaking!) take on the final farewell. I think you may be right.

  73. I hope I get a one one one.. I have tickets for March 29! I am heading right up to the shops and concentrating on Agnes.. hopefully I can keep up with her.. I doubt I can keep up with the boy with or macbeth!!

  74. You were spot on! I managed to find Agnes right away and nobody was really following her yet and almost immediately she was working on something in the tailor shop and I was the only one in there and boom, she led me to apartment and took me inside and it was wonderful. I was able to find her again and keep up with her so I think I saw her entire story line. I found the taxidermist but he was fast and had attracted a crowd and so I stuck to the main in the hospital wing that had some sort of attachment to hecate. I could keep up with him mostly.. but I had a grand time.. And my third visit is planned!

  75. hey zelda! i just came back from a trip to nyc and i saw sleep no more on sunday. just wanted to share my experience if thats okay! first of all thanks sooo much for your guide i read it before i left but not the comments- which im still looking through now. anyway!! the people i was going with were late and i was soooo mad but once i got inside i coulnd't tell... i traded my ace card for a seven because those were the first called and i RLLY wanted to go. loved the little entrance speech, loved the elevator guide. i got off on the level with the house/cemetary and looked in a lot of drawers. then i explored the levels a little, ran into some actors but didn't follow anyone because the dances were long and i hadn't been everywhere yet. eventually i stayed on the hospital floor because i really liked it, and i got a one-on-one with the nurse who writes on the walls. i sat near her during her dance and she grabbed my hand and took me to a locked door, people chasing after us. she told me to wait and then led me into the room, removed my mask (for a second i rlly thought that i was wrong about the show and it was some sort of sex thing and she was going to kiss me i was soooooo nervous) and laid me down on a couch. she peeled back the wallpaper near my head to reveal the macbeth line from 1.5 about duncan and the raven. then she started to cough and coughed up some blood and what looked like a sewing needle. i couldn't take the needle but she walked me to the door and told me not to tell anyone upon returning my mask... after that i stumbled across the witche's rave and followed the boy witch to the shower, where i helped dress him. i followed someone to the banquet and then the detective to the dead woman on the couch (not sure of the character). i ran across two people dancing in the hallway with a door i had to leave after that due to reservations at a restaraunt nearby. i bought the playbook and kept my key card (mask wouldn't fit in my suitcase!) i CANNOT wait to go back. i've told my friends about it and i'm still reeling from the experience.

    1. Sounds like you had a marvelous time! I've never gotten that 1:1 with the nurse (I've gotten the one in the hut with the other nurse), so I'm a little jealous. ;)

      (and, if you were curious, the dead woman on the couch was probably Lady Macduff. do you remember if she was pregnant?)

      The two people dancing with the door (one of my FAVORITE scenes) were Macduff and Catherine Campbell (aka Mrs. Danvers)

  76. Hey there. Love your blog and love this thread in particular. I've been to Sleep No More twice and am planning to return but I had a few questions for you. How to contact you privately? I can't figure out how on your profile! Thanks!

    1. Hi Lulu! You can message me on my website (linked at the top - and I'll reply.

  77. As soon as I walked in I came across the boy witch (played by Doug Gillespie) walking down the alley of shops, halfway down he had a coughing fit that had him on the ground, after that he entered the speakeasy and had a seizure on the billiard table after that he ran into Hecate’s Bar, and the witches’s rave commences. During the Rave/ Witches’ Orgy scene, the male witch dons a ram’s head and dances naked to heavy drum and bass music with the 2 other witches (also naked). Blood is smeared on everyone, I still have a few drops on me. After the rave finishes, boy witch stumbles down a hallway into a shower that is already running, after he collapses on the shower floor and washes himself, he pointed to a towel and an audience member hands it to him, after that he pointed to his shirt, which I promptly handed him. After that he grabs his pants and underwear from a dresser drawer in sitting distance, hands his pants to some one to untangle and he puts his underwear on himself. then he gets out socks and hands them to and audience member, as he put the first one on, I grabbed the second one and put it on him. After that he stood, put his shoes on and runs downstairs to the ballroom, but just before entering he grabs everyone who helped him and whisper thank-you to each one and then kissed each one, my 1st of three. After that the banquet scene commenced, I’m not going to spoil that for any first-timers. After the banquet he circled around the ballroom and got on the floor and pushed the trees that were lining the room towards the center, and then goes to a corner and fixes his clothes. After departing towards the hotel’s check-in desk he meets up with the other witches, asked my brother to sit at a table and placed three shots in front of him before he could drink it, the witches started their synchronized drinking dance. When that was done, he was on the other side of the check-in desk, and he looked at the desk and one of the other witches had dropped a card on it, he then preformed a curse on the card, he stuck it in his mouth and made eye contact with me, he then handed me the card-the king of diamonds, which is all over the hotel-After that he walked over to the mirror, and while the other witches were leaving, he handed me his coat and had me put it on him. Then he took the stage and lip-synched “is that all there is?” Afterwards, while crying, he walked over to the front desk, took a tissue from the bellhop and blew his nose, then the bellhop started to wipe the witches eyes when he grabbed the tissue from him, took my hand and had me wipe his eyes. With my hand still in his, he brought me to a telephone booth and closed the curtain and thats when the one on one started. He stared into my eyes for the longest time, then fell the the ground, as he stood up he kissed my then whispered into my ear ”I fell asleep last night with the memory of your name on my lips.” After that he took his jacket off again, and went towards the hallway and did an exotic dance at a bar type thing, then went back in to meet the bellhop which he did a dance involving bulling him. After that he went back to the ballroom and commenced to dance with other characters, but every so often he would find my eyes and wink at me. After that he took another audience member for a dance, then went upstairs into the street of shops where he had a coughing fit…

    After the next two cycles and after the final banquet, he grabbed me by the waist, and took me back to the entrance. He then took off my mask, whispered “Welcome home” in my ear, and kissed me for the final time.

  78. Hi, I am going tonight, first time!!! Soooo excited! I have a 7:30pm arrival time which is the first of the night. Any tips as to where I should head to first??

    1. I hope you have a wonderful time! If you want to explore the set, the fifth floor (Hospital and Forest Maze) is great. If you want to make sure you run into characters, I'm a huge fan of both 4th floor (Street of shops and Hecate's lair) and 2nd floor (Hotel lobby). If it's ballroom time, that's the first floor and it's amazing. And if you're hunting for the Macbeths, head on to the 3rd floor (large windowed bedroom). Honestly, I love all the floors.

  79. hello. first of all, sorry for the "bump", but this was the best place i found on the internet to share my experience. great blog, Zelda!!

    i just visited snm for the first time yesterday. I went totally blind, and didn't read anything about it, so i wasn't really sure about what to expect.
    it was an incredible experience and i want to go again!

    anyway, i wanted to share a 1:1 scene i was lucky enough to get, and i haven't read about it anywhere on the internet.

    i followed a character (i think he was some sort of private eye) to the pool table room, we were alone and after getting a rum shot, he invited me to the back room behind the counter.

    he pushed me against the wall, removed my mask and invited me to take a seat, he served a couple of drinks and invited me to have one (it was real booze!), he then asked me to shuffle a deck of cards (i was very nervous and did a pretty poor job), he picked three, and then he made some sort of card trick, i had to choose a number between 10 and 25, and arrange the cards in three piles... at the end, the cards in top of the piles had the same numbers as the cards he choose. he pointed the cards and said: "you and me are pretty much alike, we often are victims of our darkest desires".. it was fucking awesome.

    after that, he moved the hanging lamp to (briefly) light a message on the wall, i didn't manage to read it, because he blinded me with the light right after that, and basically kicked me out of the room.

    any insight about who the character was? i want to do some research about it.

    anyway, i alspo noticed that the pattern of the back of the "playing card" you get at the beginning appears several times in the decoration, i particularly found it two times, in the "feathers sticked to the wall" on the padded room and in the floor of the ballroom.

    man, i need to see it again!!!

    1. Hi! I can't say for certain, because I haven't had that 1:1, but there are two possibilities:
      1 - the detective is Malcolm, though his 1:1 (unless it's changed) involves an egg, not cards
      2 - I know the speakeasy barman has a 1:1 but I don't know the details - this might be his.

      I should note that I haven't been back to SNM for a few years, so things very well could have changed since then. Maybe someone else will check in and enlighten us.

    2. It's the speakeasy bartender! I went to SNM a second time last week, and had exactly the same 1:1 with the very nice Oliver Hornsby-Sayer. At first I thought he was Malcolm, and followed him for about an hour. He stays most of the time at the speakeasy, sneaks out to peek some main actors' actions at times, and had a few interactions with the witches. In the finale, he is the one in the front of the audiences, pushing everyone back to make room for the hanging. And then he stands behind one audience member to watch Macbeth's ending.

  80. Hi there peeps.

    I went to SNM last week and have been obsessed with it ever since. However I am generally extremely confused as to the plot or who is who, as I am neither familiar with MacBeth or Rebecca.

    Also, as there are very few images online, it is hard for me to associate other people's stories and areas to my own. As I spent most of my time on the fourth and fifth floors and didn't even realise there were shops, or someone's lair for example.

    As well as, some of the male characters were dressed similarly and so it is hard afterwards to determine who is who.

    Nevertheless, here is a bit of a rundown of my experience followed by a few questions.

    1. Started out in the Manderley Bar with my girlfriend and really loved the atmosphere. In spite of receiving different cards, we conspired to go in together, thinking we could stay together, haha.

    2. We were let out on what I think was the Fourth Floor (maybe Fifth), and there was a female character standing in the landing. In greyish old clothes. She looked at my girlfriend and reached her hand out.

    My girlfriend took her hand and then was promptly whisked off upstairs where no one could follow.

    I was told later that the lady spoke things to her (but left her mask on) and wheeled her round on an old wooden hospital bed.

    I don't think I ever saw that character again.

    2. I explored what I think is the fourth floor, and eventually found the bar. The bartender was there with a small crowd in front of him. He was playing cards with the audience and giving shots. If an audience member was too keen, or even if he just felt like it; he would pick the shot up and throw it against the wall behind him.

    Eventually a woman entered, who I think people are calling Agnes (I have no idea who Agnes is btw). She had a suitcase on her and she sat at a table at the bar. The bartender then sat with her and they had a drink and seemed to flirt.

    Then someone long-haired drunkard character came in and shouted "GET OUT!) to the girl, who proceeded to run away into another room (which I believe is a shop??). The drunkard then performed a dance on the pool table and had an altercation with the bartender who put the drunkard in a box in the wall.

    A girl let the drunkard out of the box and they ran away into the alleyway and away. I don't remember this scene too well. The girl I think shows up at the rave later.

    In the alleyway, the bartender was watching on, and there was also another guy in the alleyway that was dressed similarly to the bartender.

    I'm not sure, but I vaguely remember them getting into a fight and going into a room, where I followed and witnessed the hanging lamp dance, which people are calling the interrogation.

    After they left, I went upstairs to the fifth level.

    3. On the fifth level it was completely empty from what I could see. Nevertheless, I enjoyed exploring the rooms.

    I eventually found the forrest maze and the hut in the corner of the maze. When I discovered the hit, the door and window were closed and I witnessed (what I now know is one of the nurses) a character and a person (which I now know to be an audience member) having a 1:1. At the time I enjoyed watching through the cracks in the walls of the hut to see what was going on.

    After the person was released from the hut, the nurse just sat there watching out of the window and occasionally doodling in a pad / getting things.

  81. 4. It was at this point that I think I went downstairs to the fourth level again, and stumbled upon my Girlfriend and then witnessed the witches rave which blew my mind.

    I'm not sure what happened after the rave as there were so many people, I think I went away from them and realising I had explored much of the fourth floor went back upstairs.

    For some stupid reason I didn't think of going downstairs to level 3 until the very end (more on that later).

    Back upstairs, I noticed the other nurse for the first time. My memory of this is very vague, but she was very slowly doing things in the rooms until she then swiftly jumped through the window into the forest maze where she met up with the other nurse.

    They did an amazing dance where the first nurse (Matron?) collapsed in a heap on the floor. The second nurse woke her up I think and the matron wrote a passage in chalk on a board of the forest maze.

    Then the two nurses walked back to the hut where they cuddled on the rocking chair, until they rocked too fast / far and the second nurse fell out.

    She ran off into the hallway and then went to a small amphitheatre where she did a dance on the podium at the centre and then took someone in for a 1:1. Leaving the floor empty again except for the first nurse / matron.

    I went back to the matron who invited me in for a 1:1. It was absolutely amazing and such a unique feeling. Especially her taking my mask off and smiling at me.

    She made me tea and fed it to me by spoon whilst retelling a poem about an orphan boy. She then stood me up, whispered something very frantic about "blood will have blood" then ushered me out of the hut.

    5. I went back down to the fourth floor again and witnessed the bar scene with Agnes. This time, instead of following the drunkard, I followed Agnes into what I now know is a shop.

    She was very slow and very few people came in with me. She prepared her locket and then looked at me and took me in for a 1:1 in a separate room.

    She took my mask off and spoke another poem to me about being back in Manderley, which I can't remember now. Then she pushed me into a pitch black wardrobe, where she spoke more and put the locket around my neck, kissed me on the cheek and locked me inside.

    I found the way out, but was absolutely stoked that I had a locket!

    6. It was then that I stumbled upon the rave again. I saw it from the beginning this time and having seen it before, decided to walk around the room more looking for hidden clues.

    I accidentally stumbled on the uneven floor and almost lost my locket (as she ties it with thin thread). However I then noticed a lady in red sitting at a table (Hecate?) orchestrating the rave, which blew my mind!.

    I hung around after the rave this time, and one of the witches went to the bar and proceeded to continue dancing topless on the bar. The red lady watched and laughed at her.

    Then the red lady went back to her table, when Agnes returned with her suitcase. The red lady made Agnes drink some wine, which seemed to poison her, and made her cry.

    I'm not sure what happened at that point, as everyone ran off / I decided to keep exploring.

  82. 7. This time I finally decided to go downstairs to level 3, which I think is the lobby??

    It was completely empty here. I went through an empty dining room and looked around for a bit.

    Eventually a door opened and the bellhop or some character opened the door and kept it open, motioning to go out.

    I wasn't sure what was happening, so I walked out, but instead of going down further I walked around a bit more, at which point, all these people came up the stairs.

    The actors were hand in hand with audience members and we were then directed back to the Manderley Bar.

    8. I met up with my girlfriend and found she had spent most of her time on the lower floors and we saw completely different shows which was amazing.

    We relayed our stories and I couldn't believe what I missed. She mentioned a pregnant lady who I never saw. Said that some guy was hung in a banquet on the lower floor.

    I was and still am so confused.

    We don't live in New York, so it is unlikely we will get back to Manderley anytime soon.

    So any help to clarify what is what, who is who, and what is happening would be awesome.

    Do the nurses have any relation to the witches downstairs?

    I had the assumption that Agnes had paid the Red Lady to kill her abusive husband (the drunkard) and at the end once the deal was done, the Red Lady betrayed her, or something like that.

    But with reading up about the relations to MacBeth and Rebecca, I have even less of a clue.

    I have no idea who Banquo is, or Lady MacDuff is, or Lady MacBeth is, who was supposed to be MacBeth. I am just so so lost! haha.

    It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, but I am the kind of person who needs to nut things out.

    So any help at all would be amazing in deciphering this mystery!

  83. Hi there! there's a lot to unpack in what you saw, so I'll try to go in order.

    2. You were let out on the fifth floor and your gf got the coveted sixth floor 1:1 (this used to be conducted by one of the nurses but I believe is now a separate character from the rest of the show)

    2a. The fourth floor is also known as High Street, and that's where you spent the majority of your time - it's where the shops are, as well as Hecate's lair (where the rave is). You were in the Speakeasy, where you saw the Speakeasy Barman, Agnes, the Boy Witch (the drunkard), and Sexy Witch The Interrogation (swinging lamp) is between Malcolm (the detective) and Macduff.

    3. Nothing to explain here, you've got it. :)

    4. So glad you got the hut 1:1! It's one of my favorites.

    5. You followed Agnes into the Tailor's shop where she made the locket, and then to her apartment, where you got the Narnia 1:1 (so nicknamed because of the wardrobe)

    6. You found Hecate! She's amazing. As far as her interaction with Agnes, Agnes spends a lot of her arc searching, a photo of her missing sister in hand - she has a tete a tete with Malcolm/Detective. Hecate reveals in the interaction that you saw, that she knows about the sister but she won't help Agnes (the Speakeasy Barman is her servant, along with the three Witches)

    7. Sounds like you hit the 2nd floor, which is a hotel lobby (and includes a restaurant area). Also sounds like you didn't hit the third floor, which consists of the Macbeth bedroom (large room with a bed and a bathtub), a graveyard, and the Macduff apartment. It also sounds like you hit it as the night was ending. Usually the cast tries to usher all of the audience to the ballroom (1st floor) for the final banquet and hanging, but it looks like you slipped through. The Porter was sending you on your way.

    8. The pregnant lady is Lady Macduff. You didn't encounter her, as she spends most of her time either in her apartment on floor three, getting murdered in the hotel lobby on floor two, or at the ballroom dance on floor one. And Macbeth was the one who got hung at the end, punished by Banquo and all the rest. It's trippy.

  84. For the rest of your questions,

    I wouldn't say the Nurses have any direct connection to the Witches. They mostly keep to their own floor, occasionally wandering down to the third floor to tidy up for a reset. The Witches roam rather freely.

    The drunkard is the Boy Witch, and belongs to Hecate - she would never destroy him, but he never had a connection to Agnes, except to frighten her off.

    It sounds like you never really encountered Lady Macbeth, Lady Macduff, Banquo, or even Macbeth, so it makes sense you don't know who they are ;)

    If you follow Macbeth or Lady Macbeth or Banquo, especially with the plot of Macbeth in mind, you'd get a sense of which plot points are being hit (the witches' prophecies, Duncan's murder, the "screw your courage to the sticking place" scene, etc - for what it's worth, the rave you saw is the second prophecy, which is why Hecate is there with the three witches). You followed mostly ancillary characters who have their own arcs, largely independent of the framing "narrative," such as it is.

    As for Agnes, and Catherine (whom you didn't meet - solemn woman in a black dress, hates religion, sticks mostly to the 1st and 2nd floor), while they are currently named after real people from the Paisely Witch Trials (Scotland's version of our Salem), they had their origins elsewhere. When the show ran in Boston, they were named the Second Mrs. de Winter and Mrs. Danvers, and Duncan had a dual function as Mr. de Winter (I believe). There the connection to Rebecca was much more overt. However, with the NY transfer, they ran into rights issues, as the ill-fated Rebecca musical adaptation seemed imminent on Broadway (it still hasn't happened). They had to remove references to Rebecca, and substituted in Paisley references, which included new characters they created like the Tailor and (I think?) the Taxidermist.

    In any event, Agnes is enthralling to follow, but her narrative now has nothing to do with either Rebecca or Macbeth.

    The truth is, at the end of the day, your experience will be unique and what you get see is the story told that night. You and your gf saw two different stories. The way I often describe the show to people who haven't seen it is that it's like being caught in someone else's nightmare - you can't necessarily make sense of it all at the time, but damn if it isn't fun to try.

  85. Hi, my girlfriend and I are attending this over the holiday season. She said she had heard about a live interactive play in this warehouse featuring Macbeth, and she loves Shakespeare. I had heard of something like this, but more in the way you describe it, and I'm a bit worried about how she would handle it. She had a very traumatic event in her past, so I read up on your blog, and I think some of this might freak her out, particularly the boy witch pushing her into a booth and making out with her.

    I know if nothing like that happens she will absolutely love it, but how much of it would be freaky for a trauma victim, and how easy is it to avoid those moments/scenes?

    I don't want to tell her anything so that she is totally surprised. I imagine that we will say together at the start so that I know she is comfortable, then we could split up if it happened. Is it easy/possible to stay together after it starts?

    Other than being sudo-molested (sounds fun to most, unless you've been raped in the past), I think her and I would really enjoy this, even the normal sounding 1-on-1's. It's a really cool idea, and I hope more of these spring up across the country.

    1. Hi Alex,

      If your gf wants to be sure she doesn't get pulled into a 1:1, it's probably wise to not follow on the heels of any of the players, and then she should be fine. Only a few of them really get up in your grill that way - Boy Witch and Malcolm - the rest can be intimate, but are more gentle about it. (for what it's worth, the Boy Witch didn't "make out" with me, so much as weep on my shoulder. There was no mouth on mouth action) Just in case, I would also advise her to avoid the "orgy" in Hecate's lair - if she hears a pounding techno beat, she should head away from it. It won't be physically violating, but the intense strobe lighting and sound is overwhelming enough for me without my having PTSD.

      Good luck!

  86. Hi Zelda, Do you know anything about the age restrictions? Do they Id anyone? I am going with my 15 yr old sister, but she can pass off as older, are they going to ask for anything? Please let me know asap as we are going tomorrow. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Ashime, if memory serves, they will check your ID as you enter, but it won't prevent entry - it will just prevent her being able to purchase alcohol in the Manderley bar. I think they've had age restrictions only for their specialty nights. However, I would advise you call the box office yourself to confirm.

  87. Hi, going tomorrow around 7pm. The weather is -1, wondering what I should be wearing into the show as not sure if it will be heated?


    1. the building has heat. and it can get pretty sweaty under the mask. if you're feeling unsure, layers can always work - easy to take a sweater off and tie it around your waist, 90s-style. have fun!

  88. Hi!

    I'll be going tomorrow at 7 as well! But I was wondering what you would recommend if I wanted to follow Agnes? From what I've read, I'm super intrigued by her character/track.

    Thank you, this thread has been super amazing!

    1. Look for the woman carrying a suitcase. She sticks to High Street (tailor's shop, detective agency, her apartment, Hecate's lair) and the hotel lobby.

  89. Hi! So I'm seeing the show tonight at 7, and was wondering what you would recommend if I was hoping to follow Agnes? I tried to comment yesterday but I'm not sure it went through.

    Thank you, this thread is awesome!

    1. Hi Julie. Please see my reply above. All comments have to go through moderation because of the high level of spam traffic this post receives, so there's a delay before they get published. Sorry for the confusion!

    2. Hello Zelda,
      I have been to SNM 4 times already but it is still hard for me to understand who is who at the banquet. Would you have any tips ? Thank you!

    3. Hi Talmant. It's been a number of years since I've seen the show at this point, but I'll do my best.
      At the far left (audience perspective) is Macbeth. At the far right is Lady Macbeth. Dead center is Duncan. The one who creeps around the table in back, all bloodied, is Banquo. Also in attendance are Malcolm and all three Witches (Sexy, Bald, Boy). I forget if the Macduffs are there.

      NOT in attendance: Nurse/Orderly and Matron, Hecate, Agnes (girl with suitcase), Catherine (woman in black), Tailor, Taxidermist, Speakeasy Barman. For the final banquet, these characters escort stray audience members down to the banquet, and help corral them out of the way of the final hanging.

    4. Ah, I think you were also asking for tips on how to tell them apart, as far as whom to follow after the banquet.

      My memory will definitely fail me at this point. I think Boy Witch is sitting very near Lady Macbeth.

      I'm sorry I'm not more help here.

    5. Thank you very much for your help! This will be helpful for my 5th time there ;-)

  90. I just saw Sleep No More for the first time earlier this month and I am going back at the beginning of next month since it was so amazing and also I feel like I missed so much!
    My first night I somehow only ever made it to the graveyard area and the lobby. I did end up getting a one on one with the boy witch, though, which I was not expecting. It was super crowded and I am quite short and small, so I couldn't see anything. So I did my typical stand back really far to see over people's heads, and I guess the witch noticed because he parted the crowd for me, to sing to, then for the phonebooth.
    So then the second night I had a game plan, I was going to explore!
    Firstly, my friends and I got pulled out of the line for a special entrance that involved champagne, a prophesy, and a vanishing woman. That was really neat and our other friends that didn't go the second night were super jealous. Then I went exploring and I found so many rooms I never knew existed! I wandered into the woods for the first time and the nurse in the hut was staring a white masked man down, so I went over to watch to see if she was going to bring him in the hut, but then when she came out and kept staring at him, she grabbed me and dashed me in, then slammed the door and window. That interaction was super intense and I don't think she blinked the entire time. Then when I wandered into the lobby, the boy witch was singing his song to a girl already, so I decided to explore the room and then I watched the porter a bit, then some white mask dude visibly looked me up and down then tried to slow dance with me but I pushed him away and the porter saw this so I decided I would hang out and see if he'd choose me. The witch came over and the girl he had just sang to was standing sorta in front for easy hand grabbing, but then his hand shot out and grabbed mine and I wiped his face and went into the phonebooth. Oops, accidentally ended up with two of the three one on ones I've gotten being the same. Though they did differ quite a bit by how the actors treated it, and it's so intimate that I really can't be mad. I did try to help the porter up but he saw it was me and knocked away my hand. Neat attention to detail, very in character.

    I have bought tickets for two night shows but I am debating also getting the midday show. I don't know if the in a row is too much or if it would be twice as good. Thoughts?

    I can see why this play is so addictive, it is exactly like lucid dreaming. I have always had lucid dreams and it sometimes makes me decide to sleep longer than I need to because I don't want to stop. Walking around the McKittrick is so eerily similar to a lucid dream that I forgot about reality for large chunks of my time inside.

    Anyways, I am looking forward to going again and trying to follow some characters this time. I really enjoyed this post and reading through all the comment experiences.

  91. Should I get a regular ticket or be Maximilian's guest? What is the best way to see SNM with a girl I have been dating for 4 months now? Seems like a table would be useless!

    1. Unfortunately, I don't know how to answer either part of your question. I've only ever gotten regular tickets. As for going with someone, keep in mind that if you try to hold hands, cast members will often deliberately try to separate you. It may be helpful to try to designate where and when to meet if you get separated, but otherwise I would advise to go and see where the night takes you, then at the end you can both reconnect and share what you saw, and see how different your stories were.