Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What Did I Do With My December?

Well ... I finally set up my website! Yes indeedy, I finally managed to cross off that niggling entry on my To Do list that had been camped out there for ... longer than I'd care to admit. Part of the reason for the delay was that I assumed I'd have to get a fancy-pants web designer to set it all up for me, which would cost a fistful of dollars. I'd even made contact with a web designer with that in mind - he told me he was swamped but that he'd get back to me in two weeks.

He then proceeded to disappear off the face of the earth.

You know. As people do.

Then I realized I should really take my Do-It-Yourself mentality I was talking about way back in Who Needs a Manual? and ... do it myself. Through my work ghost-blogging on Puppet Treehouse, I had become acquainted with the sitebuilder weebly and realized just how simple it could be. So ... I did it.

Yep! And I'm pretty super proud of it too. It's got fun pictures like this:

Look! There's two of me!

And I put up small writing samples as well. I intend to put up slightly larger samples (say, one pdf page per piece), once I can figure out how to html protect it from hijackers and the like (incidentally, if anyone knows how to do that ... hit me up).

Next on the To Do list is to get the Reel assembled, and then that will be on the site too.

And, dear bloggy blog, before you feel too neglected, my shiny new website has a link directly to you.

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