Monday, December 24, 2018

Weekly Margin 2018, W51: Emma

12/23/18: Emma
What: Paul Gordon's musical adaptation of Jane Austen's novel about a matchmaker who knows little about love and even less about herself. Presented by the Chance Theater in California.
And? Sweet and absolutely charming throughout, with some very clever staging by director Casey Long, especially for the ball. Lovely framing set by Masako Tobaru which immediately puts one in the mood for some Austen snark and social mores. A frothy and fun cast, all with beautiful singing voices, and with some delightful comedy from Zoya Martin's Harriet Smith (hilarious and endearing perfection), Jeff Lowe's Mr. Knightley (walking snark with a lovely tenor), and of course Mandy Foster's Emma (perfectly poised with smiling mischief).

Mandy Foster as Emma Woodhouse. Photo by Benjamin Busch.

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